Princess Fashion Icon!

Hey peepz, in one of my last post i ade share with you about emerald green as the color trend for 2011. In this new post plak i nak share with you all sumer about Prince William's fiancee, Kate Middleton's fashion. As everyone already know that Kate Middleton is a Princess Bride to be. Gosh! Can't wait for their wedding this April. Cewah! macam la i dijemput as a VIP. Huhuh! Most British and Hollywood media already mention Kate as the next/new Lady Diana. Well, i think so too. Tengok gaye Kate Middleton, dia memang sopan, elegant, and beautiful. Memang pandai bgaye according to the royal style. Thats why she is born to be a Princess Bride. Congrats to England that they going to have a beautiful feature queen. According to E Channel, a lot of young girls admired the white dress that kate worn on the engagement day. The dress is really charming! Byk dah high street retailers ciplak that dress. I wonder UNIQLO x buat jugak ker? Hehehe! Ok'lah, x perlu buang mase.................... jom kite share some of our Princess Fashion Icon style....................

Looking stunning in blue! WoW! Macam pinang dibelah dua!

Cool accessories! But mostly i love the dress!

One of the most stylish winter wear.

Elegant pink evening dress.

Lovely cocktail dress! 

Jeng3! Nie la the white dress yg menjadi ikutan baru2 nie. Lovely!


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