Bangkok 2011

Sawadikap my peepz! How are you all doin? Sorry sdah agak lame x compose any new post. Sbnar nyer i kurang sihat baru2 nie. Dmam panas lol! Huhuh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! However, syukur skrang i sdah kembali sihat cumer ade batuk kit jer. Smoge hilang lah batuk nie nanti. Insya'Allah. I baru jer balik dari Bangkok last 2 days. It was really fun in Bangkok. Rase x puas plak kat sane. Wish i can stay there longer. Hehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shopping kat sane lagi best dpd shopping kat KL la. Nak kate tlalu murah x la sgt. Tapi fashion kat sane lagi up to date. Snang nak cari the latest trend. Accessories kat sane pun byk yg cun2 and affordable. Shopping kat Siam Paragon, Catucak Market, and City Viva memang best giler! Perfume kat sane pun lagi murah compare to here. I bought the latest edition of Harajuku Lovers. Hahaha! Plus the Thai people are also good at customer service. They all are very friendly and helpful to customers.

At Bangkok, we did try some Thai authentic local dishes like the pulut mangga. But at the same time we also did try some Korean dishes at Tudari (a famous Korean restaurant). Hahaha................padahal blum lagi pegi Korea! :P Actually, we've eat more Korean dishes in Bangkok like kimchi. Huhuh! However, it was fun in Bangkok. Tambahan puler hotel yg kiteorg duduk tu memang best giler (Marriot Vacation Club). Memang lah rase x puas lagi.  Besides that i feel happy coz slame nie i dah agak lame x pegi vacation. Asyik busy dengan kejer jer. Last vacation before this one also pun was like one year ago in Phuket. So after all this hard work i think i deserve this vacation. What more should i say? Thats all la. Lets share some pictures of me in Bangkok. See you next time..............................xoxo!

Me and Ayah at the city center.

With my mother at Jim Thomson House.

Me at Jim Thomson House. This place is so awesome!

Waiting for the pulut mangga to be serve.

Bsantai at our hotel loby.

This is where we've stayed.

Our latest family photo.


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