It's Raining Hats!

Eiyo my dear friends, sorry for being MIA quite a while. I baru jer nak masuk sbulan jadi Graduate Business School student. Yup! I pursuing my MBA now. Huhuh! Ok'lah, the reason I'm composing this new post is to share some interesting fashion topic. Now let's cut the crap and get started ...................

Baru2 nie i ade tengok KBS News about fashion. They said that HATS are the trend in Seoul right now. People are wearing hats. Hats is a must have accessories for every fashionistas. Two days after that i ade bace plak in that most fashion expert are saying that Hats are the fashion in thing spanjang tahun 2012 nie. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's because of the weather. Time winter sjuk sgt. People need protection for their heads from cold. Time summer plak panas. People also need hats to protect their head from the hot weather and sunlight.

Well, what more should i say? I think it's cool that hats are intrend right now. I just love wearing hats. I think hats are totally stylish and chic. Even i pun skrang nie slalu pegi uni pakai hat. Dah macam2 jnis hats i pakai. Even my friends also notice. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, hats make people look hot. I agree with most fashion expert that people should were more hats this days. Plus hats juga mampu cover our bad hair day blues. Hehehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope hats will be intrend for a long period.Ok'lah, that's all. See you next time..................

Joo Won- the biggest hats collector in Seoul!

Kim Joon. Love the hat!

Me in my blue fish net cap! Hehehe! ^_^


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