Lisa Surihani -Beauty With Brains!

L is for LOVELY




Yup! Those are the four words to compliment Malaysian beautiful and intelligent acteress, Lisa Surihani. Among most Malaysian acteress i paling admire Lisa Surihani. She is not just a pretty face. But she is also smart, sophisticated, have good attitude and personality to match with her beauty. Wow! That is almost perfect! Awesome! I think that is what a girl shoud be. Not just have the looks but also the inner beauty. Besides acting, Lisa is also a lawyer. She has a law degree from Aberystwyth University, Wales, United Kingdom. Hbat gituh! She is only a week older then me (Lisa born in 23 March 1986, I plak 31 March 1986). Kira kite satu star la Lisa! Well, its really good to have the beauty and brains together. Wanita macam ni slalu nyer wanita yg hbat. Ofcus la. Tengok la Lisa trimer jodoh dgn sape? Yusri KRU tu. Yusri pun is good looking, intelligent, and sophisticated. Memang sesuai la dgn Lisa. But unfortunately Yusri is a duda. But hey,...........who cares. Mereka serasi. Both are good looking, intellingent, and sophisticated. For a young girl like Lisa ni bukan snang nak cari jodoh dgn lelaki yg sbaye and same class. Especially in Malaysia. Yusri tu pun sribu dlm satu. Opps! Sorry to say la to all Malaysian boys. Didn't mean to hurt ya. Hehehe...............kalo kat Korea tu ade la pluang nak cari boys like Kim Joon, Lee Min Ho, Sung Joong Ki, or even Moon Joo Won yg boley dikatekan ade2 ciri2 mcm Cik Abg Yusri ni. Currently, I'am also also working hard to improve myself as person. Insya'Allah i juge akan jadi wanita yg hbat macam acteress yg same zodiac with me nie. Lisa Surihani you are my inspiration! Ok'lah thats all. See you next time. Sarangheyo!

Absalutely beautiful!

Just like a rose!


Pretty in yellow.

Hotness! Love the style!


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