My Birthday

Hiya peepz, sorry for being MIA for a long time. Patut nyer dah lbih page sbulan i compose this post. But i'm too busy. Last month ( 31 March) was my 26 birthday. Sblum i start bcerita. I nak say thank you very much, terima kasih, khamsa hamnida to all my peeps yg wish me on birthday, advance, or belated. This is for you ok, if you are one of them.

Ok'lah, x nak buang mase. Lets begin. On 31 March hari tu. I celebrate my birthday with omoni and abuji at Midori Japanese Restaurant. We had a Japanese candle light dinner. Well, kbtulan my birthday this year same day as Earth Hour. So we celebrate with light off. Yup, for one hour kiteorg jamu gune candle lights sahaje. Wah! Kalo dating ngan bf sure romantic nie. Oh yeah, time tu we were also join by Auntie Jamie ( Omoni's pal and spa manager).

One week later, me and my amigas (Madihah, Sofia, Yatie) had a belated birthday celebration at Ice Room. Ater class finance kiteorg trus cau gie Ice Room. Yup! We had fun yam cha and gossiping together. You know la girls. Hehehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok'lah thats all. Lets share some pics. Still rushing ngan keje lain nie. See you next time.....................

From Omoni and Abuji with love!

Birthday prezzie from omoni..............its Michael Kors watch!

New bike. Prezzie from Abuji! ^_^

With my omoni.

With my Abuji

Surprise me..........Auntie Jamie pun  ade time tu.

With my girls at Ice Room! ^_^

Second birthday cake for this year from Omoni and Abuji. YaY!


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