Hello yawl! Wassup! How's everything going on with your life? I baru saje habis last presentation for sem 1 tadi. Tadi kiteorg ade presentation for marketing class. We did a marketing plan presentation on a new tudung collection called Bawal-Iris for Yatie's  Bawalovers brand.

The presentation was really fun. Kiteorg dpt compliment from our lecturer, Dr Aniza. We are compliment for our effort, creativity, and the uniqueness of our product. Our group was the last one to present. After kiteorg habits present trus most of our female class mates request nak beli the tudung bawal. Wah! Murah rzeki awak Yatie! Syukur. Ok'lah thats all i nak share. Abis presentation tu, abis lah sem 1 kami. Insya'Allah we all will past our sem 1 with flying colors. We've been working hard on everything. Exam pun boley tahan. X dek la susah sgt. Hopefully boley success la. Huhuh! Itulah doa kami cuti nie. Huhuh! Ok'lah, thats all. See you next time. XoXo.

Smiles after presentation! ^_^ Weeeeee..........dah holiday!

Sofia and me..........chillin at Pizza Hut Bangi. ^_^


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