Hello 2013! (Highlights of 2012)

Hello everyone, dah lame giler i x compose new post kan? Well, busy giler spanjang semester 2 nie. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But now cuti dah start. Weeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So how was your new year celebration? Mesti meriah kan. Ok'lah tujuan i compose this post is to share with you all sumer my highlights  of 2012. It's about what i experience, achieve and done during 2012. Ok lets start...............

Learn New Knowledge

This one, ofcuz! Every year i've gain new knowledge that is important to my own daily life and future career. As for this year  i'm doing my MBA, so i've gain a to of knowledge on business and marketing. Especially on my passion for consumer behavior. Woooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! All this are important for my retail and customer service career in the future. Thanx a lot to all my lecturers who gave me all this new knowledge.

Change Taste of Fashion

Before this my fashion taste was more into "Park Avenue Princess" (ala2 Blair Waldorf). But ever since i'm starting to like K-Pop. I change sikit my style to more K-Pop, Kawaii, and Harajuku look. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's not wrong to make a change right? Gaye nyer x la beza sgt. I still love small dresses, leggings, and hair bands. But now i make my style look more adventures, innovative, and brave.  I also have new favorite fashion icons such as Girls Generation and 2Nei1. Love their style a lot. I also love male fashion icons like Moon Joo Won and Big Bang. Gaye mereka memang innovative. Wow fantastic baby! That is what i call "Highly Dogmatic" (Innovative, create own style, most likely to be trend setter). Yeah! I one to be innovative and a trend setter. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah, last time i love to read magazine like Instyle, Intrend, Eh, Glam, and Cleo, but now i have new favorite fashion magazine like Ray and ViVi (these 2 are Japanese fashion mags).

Travel To a New Foreign Country

Mase 2011 dulu i travel to Bangkok and South Korea. Tapi during 2012 i'am so thankful that i got the chance to experience Japan! Yay! My dream country! Finally i dah dpt visit. Japan is really, really, really fun! I just don't wanna go back. Everything is nice there. The Japanese people are so friendly. Japan is one of the best country i've ever visit. Really should go there again next time. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Make New Friends

This one also..........OFCUZ! I feel so thankful that every year i meet nice new people that i can make friends with. Syukur kpd Allah S.W.T. Thank God. : ) Most of the people i got to know are nice, sweet, adorable in their own way. This year i've continue to become a student at UKM GSB, so i've met a lot of new nice people. Some are Malaysia and some are foreigners. Insya'Allah...........i pray that Allah S.W.T will bless our friendship forever. Glad to know all the new friends i know last year.

See Good Friends Naik Plamin

Maklum lah me and my good friends sdah masuk pertengahan angle ke-2. So ramai la kawan2 baik yg naik plamin tahun 2012 lpas. Huhuh...............bile la giliran aku plak agak nyer? Hehehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!!! :P Year 2012 la year yg paling byk i trimer wedding invitation cards from my friends. Antare yg kawen on 2012 is Rohaini (January 2012), Fadet (September 2012), Raja Hanisah (November 2012), and ramai lagi la in the list. Kalo nak buat snarai x cukup plak post nie kang. Hahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! However, i use wanna  say tahniah to you all yg dah kawen,and also thank you for inviting me. To my friends yg i x sempat attend wedding tu..............sorry bebyk. Bukan x nak attend, tapi mase dan keadaan x mengizinkan. Tahniah juge nak ucapkan kpd yg bakal naik plamin tahun 2013 nie (especially Kak Lina and Yatie). Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Hobby

Yes! Now, i've enjoyed cycling so much. Really love cycling! Ever since my Dad bought me a bike for my birthday last year memang i suke sgt cycling. Cycling is really good for my health and mental. Really help me reduce stress lol.

Ok'lah, thats all my 2012 highlight. Insya'Allah this 2013 will be a another good year for us. Take care. XoXo!


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