My Birthday (31 March 2013)

Salam everyone, dah agak lame i x compose new post kan? Hahaha...............what to do? Busy sgt. Skrang dah sem 3 byk. Byk bende perlu dikejar. Plus i'm taking 5 subjects this sem. Huhuh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus also third sem pun dah coming to an end. It is only two months left. A lots of thing to rush. Ok'lah now i'm here to compose this post is to share with you all about my birthday celebration last month (31 March 2013). Hope it is not to late to share. Syukur sdah gnap 27 saye (tapi hati mash mude ek :P).

Last month, i celebrate my birthday at Marriot Hotel Putrajaya with my gal pals - Madihah, Iza, Rohaini, Mel, Raden, Heather, and Fadet. We really had fun together. Thanx to my Abuji and Omoni for sponsoring the party. I would not happened without them. Sjak sambung MBA nie jarang dpt jumpe my girls tau. Sbab busy sgt and plus schedule x same. When i'm free they are not free plak. So my birthday la was the time where we all meet up and had fun together. Thank you so much for coming ladies. You girls made my day and thank you so much for you all dyer prezzie. Love them so much! Thanx a lot to my friend, Heather too for the singing. You really have talent la babe! Really gonna miss you when you went back to China soon. Hopefully we will plan a nice party or a special girls day out for you before you when back.

Ok'lah, thats all i wanna share. Lets see some photos. Take care.

Getting ready for my party. Feeling excited.

Madihah and Heather. First guest to arrive.

With my angles! ^_^

My 27 birthday cake! Weeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Surprise me! Ade live band dtg nyanyi lak. Huhuh! ^_^

UKM GSB got talent! Here comes Heather Huang Zhe form China. ^_^

Fadet, Me and Iza.

From left : Mel, Me, and Rohaini. ^_^

Bobo the Clown distributing balloon to us. Yahoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From left: Rohaini, Heather, Mel, Iza, Me, Madihah, and Raden.


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