Syukur Alhamdulilah ^;^

Dear peeps, still tengah raye sakan ker? Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dah dkat nak sbln dah kite raye. Hope you all already had a blessing Aidilfitri with love ones.

I'm feeling happy now. I just receive a good news yesterday from UKM GSB. Yup! Result for sem 3 baru jer kuar. Syukur Alhamdulilah...............i'm feeling really thankful with my result. My result is much better then the past semesters. Wanna know what my result is? Well, i got 2 A's for New Product Development, and Sales Management (Yay! My 2 favorite subjects! Tq Dr Nik and Pn Adlin! ^;^), one A- for Service Marketing (this one is my favorite subject too. At least still in A list. Tq Prof Azmi- He is such a cool lecturer), and 2 B+ for MIS and Strategic Management (better then i expect. Whew! Tq Prof Fazly and Prof Rosmah). Syukur la. Ini rezeki saye di bulan syawal.

Besides,  i also wanna say thank you to all my friends who work with me for course assignments especially my bff from China- Heather Huang Zhe (you rock girl! So happy to heard you got straigt A's this sem! Deabak!), Su Zhi Chun (you did awesome dude! ^;^),  Behrooz Badooi, Abg Syawal, Abg Mirul, Tasha TJ, and Mady. Thank you so much for your hard work guys. Hope you guys also achieve good grades this sem. To all those whom graduating this year............congrats! I know you all did well ^^. All the best in yet to comes.

Result dah kuar, its deabak! Snang la hati! Now waiting for CELP plak. Still haven't got a place yet. Insya'Allah la with this good result it may help to get a place at reputable company. Same2 kite doakan kjayaan bsame. Take care.

May good future awaits all of us.................AMIN.

Me and Heather- with our beloved and most kind lecturer- Dr Nik Hazrul Nik Hashim.

All the best guys! ^;^


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