Ops! Dia Buah Hatiku

Salam dear chingus, dah lame kan x btemu lagi di blog nie. Sorry becoz busy sgt sampai x tpikir ape nak share pun kat blog nie. Huhuhu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Biase la kan kite pun dah final sem MBA nie. Tinggal sbln lagi nak abis dah. Insya'Allah.  Currently, I'm now doing my internship at Malaysia's giant publishing company. Syukur Alhamdulilah, things are quite good there. I like my job and task given. Colleague2 pun ok so far. Sumer distance saje yg quite far. Makes me travel everyday. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okies, tujuan i tulis post baru nie bkn nak citer pasal internship i kat the organization. But nak share some tots  on a novel I'm currently reading now. Hehehe............ok'lah. Let's get start...............

The novel I'm currently reading now citer dia memang sweet giler. The title is 'Ops! Dia Buah Hatiku', and the author is Hanani Bahadin. The story is similar to most of the Korean dramas i've enjoy. If you guys a big fan of Boys Over Flower and My Sassy Girl, I suggest you go to the book store nearby and grab this novel. Its a mixture of both ^_^. Tambahan plak hero the memang cute, sweet, handsome, charming, and romantic sruper dgn Gu Jun Pyo in BOF. Tbayang plak muke kacak Lee Min Ho sambil  mbace. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!! At least that is how the author describe Akif Raihan. Heroin (Rana Fathiah) dia lak comel macam K-pop singer IU. Well, that is just my imagination lol. Maybe you guys ade imagination lain. That's the good thing about reading novel. You can imagine the character the way you want. Like I always imagine K-heros :P.

This romantic comedy novel is about a pretty face, weird girl name Rana Fathiah a.k.a Thia. Thia is the only child who is race by her single mother, never been in a relationship or have any guy friends.  She is not even interested in any guy and doesn’t really believe in relationships. However, Thia always believe that love came at first sight. “The moment two eyes met, and when one heart start pumping” (that is what This always believe).

What Thia always imagine suddenly happens. Thia met a handsome rich conglomerate name Akif Raihan a.k.a Raihan. Thia’s heart pumping really fast the moment her eyes and Raihan’s met. Could Thia be in love with Raihan? That is a big questions in Thia’s heart.

Raihan who recently know Thia find her a strange person. How come a very cute girl bully a rich guy? Huh! Weird! One night situation suddenly brings them together. Raihan find out who Thia really is. Then romance starts to bloom between them.

Thia always believes that she is weird and quirky without realizing that her pretty face and cute personality actually melt a lot of hearts. Besides Raihan, Thia has many admires. Hafiz, Raihan’s best buddy always have an eye for the cute girl and is very green with envy when Raihan and Thia start to get close together. Raihan’s big brother Rizqi who is also the big boss of Thia’s mother also has a thing for her. Mean girl, Yaya who’s family friends with Raihan gets really jealous when she find out Raihan likes Thia and is plan to ruin everything for the girl.  Lots of problems arise with Thia as she gets close to Raihan. This novel tells people that love has challenges. Challenges makes the love story pretty.

What I like about this story is Thia's character. Although she is weird, but still she is very strong and bold (similar to most K-dramas heroin). The best thing I've learn from Thia's character is that she doesn't allow any guy who she doesn't love, or even the one who doesn't love her touch her. Like in second part of the novel, Raihan marries Thia becoz of an incident cause by Hafiz but still Thia doesn't allow Raihan to touch her becoz she is not confident that her husband loves that time. Raihan only gets to touch his wife after they let their feelings for each other. That's where their romance starts to bloom. Bak kate Thia nie bagus pendirian nyer. Sruper dgn character Geum Jandi (BOF), Choi Eun Shi (Autumn Tale), Yoo Jin (Winter Sonata), and many more la. Pendirian Thia nie jugak yg buat Raihan trus jatuh cinta dan sayang sgt pade dia.

This novel also byk sins2 K-drama like back hug, piggy back ride, care2 nyakat (pure2 pengsan), acah mengacah, hero kutuk heroin to make her want him more, and macam2 la. I also like Raihan's character that is more like Korean hero more then hero Malaya. He is............ yeh la..........a bit spoil, egoistic, good looking, charismatic, has a lot of admirers, but loving and caring. Sweet and romantic sgt.

Not to mention, the author also create a second lead hero in this novel. Rizqi, Raihan's brother is the second lead hero in Ops! Dia Buah Hatiku. He also like Thia. But did not get her. Rizqi is also cute and romantic. Kcian dia. Adik dia yg dpt. Huhuhu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yg I x suke dlm novel nie is character Yaya (mean girl in the novel). Yaya nie character memang lebih kurang same dgn Yearin dlm Tale Of Two Sisters. Gedik, bitchy, hati busuk! In this novel Yaya x abis nak goda Raihan although he never laying her. Paling i nyampah nyer every time Raihan nak mesra dgn Thia mesti ade jer Yaya nie nak kayo daun. Nyampah!

Ok'lah, that all. I blum finish lagi this novel. Bile dah finsih nanti i share lagi ok. Take care. Good night. Happy Sunday! ^_^

Ops! Dia Buah Hatiku- a romantic love comedy by Hanani Bahadin.

"Menjadi isteri kau adalah satu perkara yang paling mengejutkan pernah berlaku sepanjang hidup aku. Tetapi menjadi insan yang dicintai dan dikasihi kau, merupakan satu hadiah yang paling berharga sepanjang aku bernafas di dunia ini."- Rana Fathiah

"Alasan budak taska macam nilah. Kau saja pakai tudung sebab malu dengan aku kan? Macamlah aku tak pernah nampak rambut kau yang keras, kejang macam ekor kuda tu."- Akif Raihan

"Thia cinta pertama saya. Tak semudah itu saya dapat lupakan Thia. Apatah lagi Thia sentiasa ada di depan mata saya. Macam mana nak pandang Thia sebagai adik ipar saya?."- Rizqi

Ops! Sorry that i use pictures of Korean stars. This is my imagination how Thia, Raihan, and Rizqi look like when i  read the novel. I'm sure you guys have your own imagination too.^_^



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