My Birthday Celebration in Shanghai ^_^

Nihao ^_^ Hehehe..............speaking mandrin plak. Mentang2 la baru balik pade Shanghai. Orait, in this new post I would like to share with you all about my latest vacation in Shanghai.

On the 28 of March, midnight we fly to Shanghai. The flight took about 5 hours to reach Shanghai. Sampai sane awal pagi of the 29 of March. On the first day, kiteorg x jln mane2 sgt. Just dkat kawasan hotel jer for window shopping at Lane Crawford, Shanghai Times Square, and Shanghai Plaza.

On the second day baru kiteorg pegi jalan kat area The Bund. The Bund tu kat tepi sungai, where tourist can take the river cruise and see Oriental Pearl Tower clearly. Oh so fun!

On the third day was my birthday. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!! We celebrate our birthday at Yuyuan Garden (so enchanting), shopping at Nanjing Road, and had birthday dinner at Chinese Muslim restaurant. I've really enjoyed Yuyuan Garden. It is very beautiful. Shopping kat Shanghai Walk pun best giler. Byk authentic souvenirs boley dibeli. Hehehe! Syukur Alhamdulillah. I've celebrate my birthday this year awesomely. Thanx Eomoni and Abeoji.

On the fourth day, kiteorg x jln mane sgt since most top tourist spot in Shanghai dah visit and plus kiteorg kene pack barang ptang tu. Flight esok pagi early in the morning. On the fourth day, kiteorg jln2 kat Xintianxi Road jer. Dkat jek dgn hotel. Xintianxi Road tu kawasan high end at Shanghai. Byk top local and foreign designers outlet disitu. It is like the Manhattan in New York. Memang best mcuci mate. Hehehe..............cuci mate jer la. Kite bukan mampu shopping sumer barang2 tu. Sob2! :( Opps! That is for now. Insya'Allah esok jadik billionaire. Hehehe! Insya'Allah.

Ok'lah. Thats all. Let's share some piccaz. See ya next time ^_^

First day in Shanghai. It was raining that day.

It was cherry blossom season in Shanghai. Best nyer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pink Cherry Blossom so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

Oriental Pearl Tower.

At Yuyuan Garden. Most enchanting! I like!

Beautiful Garden!

I'm so fascinated by the way she make the chinese tea.

Tea sets!

Shopping at Nanjing Road

My birthday dinner! Chinese halal food! Matshida!

Jln2 at Xintianxi. Place of high end shopping.

Louis Vuitton!

Harry Winston..........a girl's best friend. Hehehe!

White cherry blossom.


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