Viva La Glam Leisure! (When Travel Meets Fashion)

Heya everybody, long time no see. Biasalah orang dah dekat sebulan membuka chapter kehidupan baru mestilah agak busy kan. Well, i'm back as a buzzing bee alright :P. 

Last Friday, I ada terbaca an interesting article in a magazine about 'Glamourous Hospitality'. Sangat interesting. Ia ada kena mengena dengan travel, leisure, fashion, service, marketing, retailing, and experience economy. Its a combination of travel + Fashion. It is something that we've learned in Service Marketing class during our MBA with Prof Ahmad Azmi. It is true what most marketing expert said 'The World Have Change'. Nowadays, most countries (especially negara2 maju) are using 'experience economy'. No longer 'service economy'Experience economy is known as the ‘New Economy’ after agrarian, industrial, and service economy. It can also be understood at the production, distribution, and consumption of experience based-products in new traditional business context. This economy has larger perspective on the experience of entertainment, edutainment, and cultural values in making and marketing of new consumer products. This business philosophy allows creative industries such as film, fashion, and music to arise. Because of the global entertainment, tourism, and leisure markets are upcoming, the diversity of experience-based products - goods and services, is needed in order to create different in the market.

Glamourous Hospitality is a combination of fashion with leisure, hospitality, and travel. Nowadays, a lot of big fashion brand names and designers such as Moschino, Bottega Veneta, Vera Wang, and many others knows exactly what 'tres chic travelers' dream of for their 'vogue voyages' and are also venturing into hospitality. Yup, this brand names doesn't just have their tangible products and boutiques, but also glamourous luxurious hotels and accommodations for fashionistas who also love to travel. Wow! This is really beyond our imagination. This kinda service are specially created for the rich, glamourous, and elite market. Sadly not for people like us :( (But in the future.......... Insya'Allah ^_^).

Vera Wang Bridal Suite at Halekulani, Hawaii......a stylish romantic accommodation for honeymoon 

The concept for this kinda of hospitality is called 'Haute Holiday'. Some of the vogue accommodations are Maison Moschino in Milan,  Bottega Vendeta Suite at Park Hyatt Chicago, Armani Hotel in Dubai, Hotel Missoni (Kuwait, Edinburgh), Tortuga Bay that is designed by the famous fashion designer and icon Oscar De La Renta, Vera Wang Bridal Suite at Halekulani, Hawaii, Palazo Versace (Dubai, Australia), Bvligari Hotels & Resorts (Milan, Bali). These glamourous accommodations are fashionably  design in a creative and unique style that also blend with the designer's and brand's trademark. It is really beyond stylish travelers imagination and expectation. These hotels are decorated in a very stylish, creative, and innovative ways. The furnitures, the interiors, the decorations, the ambiance, the food and beverages, the architectures all give customers 'experience of a life time'. Example Maison Moschino is providing their customers an 'enchanting fairy tale experience'. Maison Moschino provide customers 3 types of rooms. Customers can choose whether they want to stay in The Little Red Riding Hood Room (don't be shock.........there is a 3D wolf waiting for you inside! Yikes!), or Sleeping in a Ballgown Room (you can chillax on a red ball gown bed. I suppose this is special for girls like Sarah Jessica Parker), or Life Is A Bed Of Roses Room (couples might love this room as they can enjoy a bed full of rose petals). Wow! Memang best kalau dapat menginap di Maison Moschino. Memang akan dapat rasa bagaikan di alam fantasi! Hikhik ^_^

Maison Moschino A Fairy Tale Experience

Life is a Bed of Roses Room at Maison Moschino

The Little Red Riding Hood Room at Maison Moschino

Sleeping In A Ballgown Room at Maison Moschino

Manikin Lamps at Maison Moschino. So impressive!

The lobby of Maison Moschino Hotel. Wow!!!!!!!! Its like a fashion fantasy! ^_^

These kind of leisure and hospitality brings a lot of impact to the tourism industry and impressing the 'well-heeled' society. It gives vogue traveller an experience to slumber in style and dream the deluxe dream which is also now one of my objectives to become successful. Insya'Allah semoga direstui oleh Allah S.W.T. 

Besides, in my opinion these stylish hospitality provides benefits for fashion designers and brands.It makes their label became  stronger empire brand. Our country, Malaysia should also create these kinda hospitality for foreign and also local tourist. Our local fashion designers also have talent in interior designing. I believe our designers like Rizalman Ibrahim, Salikin Sidek, Micheal Ong, Melinda Looi can also collaborate with local hospitality companies in creating their stylish accommodations as these designers are the one with bold talent in fashion and interior. Also, our government should also collaborate with these industry players in making Malaysia a MUST VISIT COUNTRY!  

Ok, that's all for now. Have a good weekend people ^_^ Churos!

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