That Ugly Service Inside That Cute Pink Doll House

Assalamualaikum WBT, dear friends, readers, and followers. Salam Hari Wilayah ^_^ Apa plan cuti 4 hari nie?

Ok'lah, let's get started this new post. Sebelum itu, saya memohon maaf sekiranya ada yang akan terasa with what i'm going to share and comment. But this is how i feel as a regular customer to one of South Korea's top cosmetic brand Etude House. I'm sure all of you K-Lovers know Etude House right. The pretty cosmetic with the pretty doll house concept and with boy band Shinee as the endorser. Well, I'm a customer and a user of Etude House products. I can give credit that Etude House products are awesome and come in pretty packaging that you can't resist. But as a customer i'am never satisfied with the service given by their sales team.

At one of Etude House store in Seoul

Sorry lah, bukan nak kutuk service Etude House sebarangan. But most of the time i went to shop at Etude House the sales people never smile at me and sometimes speaks harshly to me. As an ex CS personal and MBA Marketing holder, i can tell you that this is totally wrong in service. A sales person not suppose to treat customers that way. I understand humans have their own emo and maybe those sales people are tired, of have personal matters. But still customers doesn't deserve to know how they feel and problem. 

Antara semua store Etude House in Malaysia that i've been to, only in PV and The Mines sahaja yang service dia memuaskan. Others hempes! Especially in IOI City Mall. The sales girls are very harsh. Besides that dah lebih pada setahun i sign for Etude House membership card at their store in Alamanda Putrajaya, but every time i came to ask for my card the sales girls always give an excuse "Belum siap lagi! Next month baru siap kot!" Haish! Sampai ke bila asyik nak push next month! Next month! This also another thing that i'am not happy with Etude House. 

C'mon la. I've been to Etude House in Seoul, Busan, Singapore, and Bangkok the service is much better then this. Besides Etude House, I'am also a user of other Korean cosmetics like Skin Food, Tony Molly, Face Shop, and Nature Republic, and the service is much friendly and definitely better. I really hope Etude House buck their service standard. Pls la to all EH sales people you need improve your service skills since you are representing the brand in Malaysia. 

Ok'lah, thats all yang i nak share with yawl. Thanx for reading and have a good day. Insya'Allah diberi rezeki kita bertemu lagi. Khungang haseyo ^_^

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