My Travel Diary: My Taiwan Adventures ^_^

Nihao mates ^_^, hehehe.................mentang lah nak post tentang pengalaman kat Taiwan trus greeting dlm mandrin. Keukeu ^_^

Actually dah lame patut i share this post with you guys. But memandangkan i busy sgt right after returning from vacation this is the the only time i have. So lets not waste time and get started.

Day 1 (10 October 2015) : KLIA, Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, Laurel Evergreen Hotel

Me: At KLIA boarding to Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. Weeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

Early in the morning we arrive at KLIA, check in, have breakfast, and get ready to board to Taipei ^_^ Our flight took us nearly 5 hours to lend at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport. After immigration, we collected our baggages, and took a bus ride to Laurel Evergreen Hotel. Our bus ride took us 1 hour to arrive. During out bus ride we got to see some green nature and beautiful scenery.

The view from my hotel room- Laurel Evergreen Hotel

The bathroom sink in Laurel Evergreen Hotel is gold plated. Awesome!

After an hour bus ride, we arrive at our accommodation in Taipei- Laurel Evergreen Hotel. Laurel Evergreen Hotel is own by Eva Air (Taiwan's Airline company). The hotel is quite small but comfortable and clean. I like it! My room got a beautiful scenery. It is overlooking the city of Taipei. The bed and bathroom is good (That's what makes me enjoy my stay at hotel. Bed and shower plays an important factor ^_^). Whats unique about the bathroom is the sink is gold plated. Looks majestically awesome! On our first day in Taipei we didn't do anything much. Just relax2 at hotel and jalan dekat2 kawasan jer.

Day 2 (11 October 2015) : Chang Kai Shek Memorial, Taipei 101 Mall

Chang Kai Shek Memorial 

So many tourist here at Chang Kai Shek Memorial

Me with Chang Kai Shek statue. CKS was Taiwan's  political and military leader.

On our second day in Taipei, we visited Chang Kai Shek Memorial Hall. Chiang Kai-shek was a Chinese military and political leader who led the Kuomintang (Chinese Nationalist Party) for five decades and was head of state of the Chinese Nationalist government between 1928 and 1949. CKS Memorial Hall is situated at Zhongzheng District. The memorial was build in the year of 1976 but it finished building in the year of 1980. CKS Memorial Hall is surrounded by a park (it's enchanting!), the structure is also framed on the north and south by the National Theater and the National Concert Hall.

Taipei 101 Mall. The mall is situated under Taipei 101 Tower.

Japanese lunch set at Taipei 101 Mall food court :P

After we've done with Chang Kai Shek Memorial Hall, we took a subway ride to Taipei 101 Mall. Taipei 101 Mall is a mall situated under Taipei 101 Tower just like KLCC Mall. We went there for a window shopping and have heavy lunch at mall's food court. We choose to have Japanese lunch since that's the only choice we have. After lunch we went back to our hotel.

Day 3 (12 October 2015) : Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall, Hello Kitty Sweet Cafe,  Ximending Street

Me with Dr Sun Yat Sen statue at Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall

Dr Sun Yat Sen philosophy. Totally agree ^_^

With one of the cute barista at Hello Kitty Sweet Cafe

Hello Kitty Sweet Cafe. A place where all Kitty lovers MUST visit in Taipei

All the yummeh kitty deserts waiting.........

Met Lee Min Ho while shopping at Ximending. Keukeu ^_^

Day 3 in Taipei lah yang paling best sekali!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awal pagi we had breakfast at Ikari Coffee. Then we took a subway ride to Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall. Dr Sun Yat Sen was the father of Chinese revolutionary, at the first president and founding father of Republic of China. The memorial hall is located at Xinyi. After we are done with SYS Memorial, we took a subway ride to Hello Kitty Sweet Cafe. Hello Kitty Sweet Cafe is a spot where all Kitty lovers should not miss in Taipei. Masa kat Seoul dulu i pernah visit Hello Kitty Cafe Seoul. But tell you what, Hello Kitty Cafe in Taipei lagi best pada yang kat Seoul punya. Service dia pun much much much better. We had lunch at HKC Taipei. After dah selesai dan kenyang sudah lunch, we went for a shopping spree at Ximending Street. Ximending Street is similar to Harajuku in Tokyo. It is a place for fashion and for youngsters.

Day 4 (13 October 2015) : Taiwan National Museum, Taipei 101 Tower

At Taiwan National Museum

View from Taipei 101 Tower

Berselfie on top of Taipei 101 Tower

With Lucky Red Baby Damper. One of Taipei 101 mascot

Day 4, we visited Taiwan National Museum, and  Taipei 101 Tower. The National museum was good. We gotta see the famous jade cabbage sculpture at the museum. The sculpture is very lovely. But is not as huge as you think it is. Btw, you gotta check it yourself ;) After we've done with the museum we return to our hotel room for a rest. 

Same day in the afternoon we went to to Taipei 101 Tower. Taipei 101 use to be the tallest building in the world after KLCC. We choose to visit there during night so we can see the beautiful city of Taipei at night. Yes!!!!!!!!!!! It's beautiful. I just love cities at night!

Day 5 (14 October 2015) : Yunus Halal Restaurant, Maokong Gondola Ride

Had delicious brunch at Yunus Halal Restaurant

On day 5, we had brunch at Yunus Halal Restaurant. Yunus Halal Restaurant is own by local Chinese muslim. All muslim tourist who visited Taipei must come dine here. The food here is very yummilicious. Memang rugilah kalo sape x gie sini. Thanx to my friend Fara Melissa for recommending this restaurant. Yunus Halal memang deabak la Mel ^_^ After sudah kenyang makan we when outside of the downtown to take Maokong Gondola Ride. Maokong Gondola Ride is a ride you all MUST ride kalo singgah Taipei. So can get spectacular scenery  from the ride. 

Me on Maokong Gondola Ride ^_^

Beautiful scenery from the gondola ride

Kalo gayat x payah la tengok bawah yer...................

Day 6: Laurel Evergreen Hotel, Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, KLIA :'(

Day 6 is our last day in Taipei. Sadis nyer!!!!!!!!!!! Habis dah holiday kami :'( On our last day, we just pack our bags, take a bus ride to the airport, and boarding home. 

Okay............So that is my Taiwan Adventure Diaries. So far our vacation in Taiwan was awesome!!!!!!!! I really miss Taipei now. Taipei is one of the place i've travel and would love to visit again. So goodbye for now Taipei, hope to see you again in the future.

Neira Fadima ^_^

Ps: Memangdangkan today is Deepavali, I would like to wish my Hindu friends Happy Deepavali and have a good celebration with family and love ones. Take care.

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