2016: Do More What Makes You Happy ^_^ I WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyeong dearies,

X sangka sekejap jer kita dah melangkau ke 2016. Rasa macam baru hari tu jer masuk 2015. Rupa2 nyer dah berlalu dah. Hmm,.......... setiap tahun pun saya cakan macam tu :P hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

However, i'am very grateful and thankful that 2015 has been a lovely year for me. I hope it was a good year for all of you too. Alhamdulillah so many new thing learn, experience and achieve during 2015. Tapi about that i share with you in the next post ya. In this post i just wanna share with you all about my new year resolution. Hehehe ^_^

Tahun2 sblum nie "Chasing Your Dreams" has always been my new resolution. Tapi for 2016 i decided to change it with " Do More What Makes You Happy".  Yep! Besides just focusing on getting my dreams, i also decide to enjoy life with what i'm currently bless with. It doesn't i'm not gonna chase my dreams. I'm still gonna work hard to achieve what i want but in a happy enjoy full way ^_^. Yup! This 2016 i'm gonna be 30 :P Huhuhu! (But hey age is just a number! My heart says i'm forever 21 ^_^). That's why i decided to make my life happier. Work hard in a happy way. No more stress. Insya'Allah.

Do more what makes you happy also means i'm gonna do a lot of things that makes me happy and that include all the things i like such as traveling, arts, fashion, and learn more new skills. Besides that I also plan to loose weight this year and get my Manchester figure back. Hahaha........... actually i gain weight sejak dah lebih lima tahun balik dari Manchester. Need to get that figure back. Baru senang nak berfashion and tampil lebih confident. Cewwah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Insya'Allah akan tercapai.

Besides just do things that makes me happy, 2016 is also a dawn of a new beginning in chasing what i want. From now on whatever i want to achieve i won't say "I wish" anymore, I will say " I WILL". Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL do more things that makes me happy! I WILL lose weight and get my figure back! I WILL learn new thing i've never experience before! I WILL master whatever i've learn and will learn! I WILL travel more! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okies, that's all i want to share for my new year resolution. Hope you all have a good resolution too. May 2016 be a an awesome year for you all. Remember...........tell yourself............. I WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My 2016 Resolution ^_^

I WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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