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Nihao pals, how's your ramadhan going on? Hopefully everything is awesome during this beautiful holy month. In this new post i would love to share with you guys about my last vacation in Hong Kong with my pal, Reiko Diana. Last month, me and Reiko went to Hong Kong for a girls crazy adventure. So let's check it out ^_^

Day 1 : Arrive at Hong Kong/ Adventure at Tsim Sha Shui

Bus ride from the airport to our hotel

Our flight on the 29 May 2016 took  almost 4 hours. We arrive at Hong Kong International Airport after lunch time. From the airport we took one hour bus ride to our hotel. At Hong Kong we stayed at BP International Hotel. BP International is situated at Kowloon Island, Tsim Sha Shui area. Our bus ride was really hilarious and gave us a kick start of our adventure in HK. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!! When we reach Tsim Sha Shui area, we were suppose to get down at Kimberly Road and walk to our hotel from there. But unfortunately we missed the stop and the bus took us further till we reach the bus station terminal. Oh gosh!!!!!!!!!!! However syukur Alhamdulillah at the bus terminal we met a kind local chinese guy who help us. The kind chinese man get us a mini bus, he told the bus driver to alert us when the bus reach our destination. The bus driver stop us right in front of BP International Hotel. So it was easy for us. Syukur Alhamdulillah. Things always happen for a good reason. If we stop at Kimberly Road we have to walk to our hotel. It will be quite hard for us to pull our suitcases along the street.

After checking in, me and Reiko have a rest for one hour before starting our adventure. Our hotel room is quite small. But it is clean and very comfortable. Nearly 6 pm we went out for dinner. We had another hilarious adventure looking for a place to dine. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We try to look for halal food for dinner but did not manage to find one. We look for vegetarian or even seafood but still could not find one. Ayo! During our quest of finding a place to dine, we met a lot of indonesian maids. We asked them if they know any halal/vegetarian/ seafood restaurant around Tsim Sha Shui area, but unfortunately they shown us wrong place. The first group suggested us Toast Box which we know it is definitely not halal. The second group took us to a "Pakistan Restaurant" which is actually not a Pakistan restaurant at all and it also serve pork. Yikes! Lastly, we decide to have file o fish at McDonalds since that's is the safest for us. Huhuhu..........................

Day 2: Islamic Canteen/ Causeway Bay/ Victoria Peak

Halal dimsum at Islamic Canteen. Yummy :P

Egg Yolk with sweet corn rice. I tapau at Islamic Canteen. Sweet and yummilicious!

On our sencond day in HK. We start our day with having brunch at the Islamic Canteen that is situated in Wanchai Mosque at Oi Kwan Road. This canteen is highly recommended for muslim tourist who plan to visit Hong Kong. This is the best place to taste halal chinese food in Hong Kong. The dimsums here are so yummilicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P :P :P The price here is also affordable. For those who are a foodie this place is a must for you in Hong Kong.

After we had our brunch, we went for a window shopping at Causeway Bay. Causeway Bay is quite a posh shopping area. So many high end, fast fashion brand can be found there. 

Tram ride to Victoria Peak

Reiko and Me at Victoria Peak ^_^

After finished with our window shopping and shopping at Causeway Bay, we went to Victoria Peak. We took a tram ride up from Garden Road Peak Tram Lower Terminus. The ride wasn't very long. At Victoria Peak, we are able to see stilla view of Hong Kong, shopping, and enjoy Haagen Dazs ice cream. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 3: Macau

The Venetian Resort! This is were they shot the famous K-drama, Boys Over Flowers ^_^ I've been here. Yay me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been wanting to visit this place ever since i watch BOF. Syukur Alhamdulillah satu hajat dah tercapai ^_^

Me with the Macau guys ^_^

Hot malay chicks at Macau!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like Guem JanDi waiting for Gu Jun Pyo at the bridge. But me waiting for Prince Song Wo Bin (Kim Joon). Use to admire that guy. But now admire someone else ^_^ Taste change.

Our third day is our most adventurous day of our adventure episode in Hong Kong. Me and Reiko took a ferry ride from China Ferry Terminal (Kowloon Island) to Macau. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We been wanting to go to Macau for a long time. Syukur Alhamdulillah dah tercapai hajat kami. The ferry ride took us one hour to reach Macau. Macau doesn't have many attractions much. Their main attraction is mostly on gambling and shopping. Me and Reiko took a bus ride to Sands Resort. Then from Sand we took a bus to The Venetian. The Venetian is a resort (for gambling and shopping) that is inspired by Venice city, Italy. The Venetian is a very interesting place to visit. Besides shopping and gambling, tourist can also take the Gondola ride. The Venetian is also the place where Boys Over Flowers was shot. Saya memang fefeeling abis la di sana. Hehehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After this they going to have resort base on Paris. The resort will be name "The Parisian". We spend our whole day in Macau. We took a ferry ride back to Hong Kong around 9 pm and reach Hong Kong around 10 pm. We had another hilarious experience went we reach Hong Kong. We tough the ferry took us to China Ferry Terminal, but actually the ferry took us to Hong Kong Terminal (Hong Kong Island). No wonder the terminal suddenly look different, and when we asked people how to get back to Nathan Road (where our hotel is situated) most of them told us by MRT or Taxi. And they even told us we can't walk there because it is very war. We were like "Far? But we only took 5 minutes walk from our hotel to the terminal during the morning". Then a lady security officer told us that our desire destination is in Kowloon Island and we are now in Hong Kong Island. Huhuhu! The lady told us to take the MRT to our hotel. We reach our hotel nearly mid night. We had a long adventure on our third day.

Day 4: Lantau Buddha Island/ Tung Chung Station/ Islamic Canteen

Reiko and Me at Lantau Buddha Island ^_^

The biggest pop corn i've ever see........

The climb to the buddha....... this is where we start ^_^

Nearly reaching the Buddha. This is how high we climb. Tringat pula kenangan mendaki Broga.

Us in the Cable Car Ride. Weeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

View from our cable car ride

On our fourth day/ second last day, we visited the Lantau Buddha Island. Lantau Buddha Island is our second most recommended spot for Malaysian tourist who plan to visit HK especially those who love nature. We took a cable car ride from Tung Chung Station to climb to the Lantau Buddha. During the cable car ride, we are able to spot beautiful and spectacular scenery. We can see the city of Hong Kong and also get the whole view of the airport. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sure my Dad will enjoy this cable car ride. I can imagine him in the cable car with his SLR camera taking stilla shots. Oh yeah, i would also love to recommend this place to those who love photography. Memang berbaloi!!!!!!!!!!! Lantau Buddha Cabble Car Ride is much more awesome then the one i've experience in Taipei last year.

When we reach the peak we did some window shopping Ngong Ping Village and dine at an Indian muslim cafe. After having brunch there, we continue our journey to climb to the smiling Buddha. The climb was quite a challenge for us. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! Agak tinggi. Fighting Fatin and Reiko!!!!!!!!!!!!! Syukur Alhamdulillah we did manage to reach the smiling Buddha spot. There we manage to catch some beautiful scenery of HK.

After done with Lantau Buddha, we went for some last minute shopping at a mall nearby Tung Chung Station. But however nothing interest us there. So we took an MRT ride to Oi Kwan road. We went for dinner at Islamic Canteen again ^_^ On our way home from the Islamic Canteen, we stop again at Causeway Bay for some last minute shopping. Me need to get me a HK T-Shirt ^_^ hehehe!!!!!!!!!! 

On our fourth day, we called our day earlier then days before because we need to do some packing and have a good rest before our flight home the next day.

Day 5: Bye Bye Hong Kong

Bye bye Hong Kong

Our fifth day was our last day in Hong Kong. Our adventure ends with us taking the airport express to the airport. Actually before we begin our fifth day we were quite disappointed with the hotel customer service for making us lost our airport shuttle. The night before we came to the CS Info Counter to book for an airport shuttle. But the guy at the counter told us we don't have to cause the shuttle will always be around and we can just walk in. Because of the misleading info we didn't book our airport shuttle. After we've check out from our hotel we find out that the shuttle is full and one guy finally inform us that we have to book of the shuttle the night before. Hey we tried to do that last night! However, one of the guy at the reception counter was quite helpful and suggested us to take the airport bus that will took us to the Airport Express Terminal and from the terminal we can take the express train to the airport. So we agree with the option. And another thing that disappoint us is that the hotel staffs saw us (two ladies) carrying two big suitcase each walking out from the hotel to the bus stop didn't even offer to help us pull our suitcase and take us to the bus stop. They were "busy" chatting instead. Lucky the bus stop isn't far from BP International. If not i will surely pull one or two staffs to do so. We are not asking to be treated like a princess or a VVIP, but since you already done customer error this is at least what you should do to repair your service error and feel sorry for us since you make us lost our airport shuttle. Me and Reiko actually wrote a comment at Bookings.com and Trip Advisor. The manager of the hotel call us to apologize lol. Hahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our ride on the express train to the airport was quite cozy lol. We enjoyed it. The Airport Express train is similar to our KLIA express.

Although we face a lot of challenge in HK, we still enjoyed our adventure a lot. The difficulties that we face in HK is not all people are helpful and give us the correct information so we have to be street smart and solve the problem our selves, halal food is an issue but lucky us there is an Islamic Canteen that is also affordable. 

For me, this is my first adventure traveling without my parents and tour group. This adventure is just me and my buddy, Reiko Diana. For this adventure, i really would like to thank Reiko for being an awesome traveling companion. Really had an awesome adventure with you babe. You are a good navigator, team player, always calm and happy go lucky (you never fred or panic at all), and also not to mention you have good taste in food and shopping. Insya'Allah kalo ada rezeki lagi kita travel together lagi ya babe. Insya'Allah semoga our other angels also dpt join the next adventure. Paling penting syukur Alhamdulillah we survive there and manage to handle the challenge well. Alhamdulillah.

Till now, Wassalam ^_^

Fatin Gyeon Komori

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