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Ayam Coca-Cola (A Dish of Southern Philippines)

Hello dearies,

Ayam Coca-Cola with nasi tomato

This new post will be my first time ever posting on recipe. Well, its a request from a new friend, Hezliyana Zainal Abidin. Hezli this post is special for you! Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last father's day i've made Ayam Coca-Cola (actually itik coca-cola) special for my parents. Ayam coca- cola is a dish from Southern Philippines. The taste is quite unique. It is spicy sweet! Cara masak pun x susah juga. Ok'lah let's not waste time and get started with the recipe...............


1) Chicken (Dipotong 8-10 kerat)
2) 25gm Ginger (slice)
3) 5gm Bunga Lawang
4) 1.5L coca-cola
5) 2gm Lada merah
6) 15gm Onions (slice)
7) 10gm Garlic (slice)
8) 3gm Lada sulah
9) Cili paste (Boh)
10) Mix vegetable

Step 1

Put the first to eight ingredients in a cooking pot. Rebus sehingga mendidih dan naik baunya.

Step 2

Kecilkan api. Masak sehingga daging ayam lembut. 

Step 3

Add mix vegetable in the cooking pot. Rebus sehingga masak. Add some salt and the cili paste according to your taste. 

Voila! Ayam Coca-Cola is serve! Bon appetite!

Selamat mencuba kepada mereka yang berminat dgn recipe dari Southern Philippines nie. Gambateh! I also would like to apologize if recipe yg saya tulis nie ada terkurang, x berapa complete, atau sukar difahami. This is my first time posting on recipe. However, i would like to say thank you to Mrs Hezliyana for giving me this challenge. Selamat mencuba ya babe and also tqvm for giving me the honor.  

Ps: Ayam coca-cola ini boleh dimakan dgn pelbagai jenis nasi ;)

Gyeon Komori ^_^

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  1. Saya dah mencubanya. Terima kasih Fatin ^_^

  2. Nanti kena la bagi kite rase juga ya Hezli ^_^

  3. Yang.............kite masak x lah sesedap awak masak :)

  4. Yang.............kite masak x lah sesedap awak masak :)


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