Ring My Bell (A story of A Girl and her dream guy)

Someone is calling me

Is it you?
My heart is fluttering
I’m thinking of you again today
So I took out my hidden feelings
And I’m looking at it
If I tell you I like you first
I’m afraid we’ll grow apart
So I try to hide my heart
But I’m in love with you like this
I wish ooh ooh ooh
Ring My Bell
I want you ooh ooh
Ring My Bell
Every time we meet
If you can hear the sound of my racing heart
Then I hope you will hug me without a word
Show me your heart
So it won’t be awkward
Come to me
I’m waiting for you like this
I wish ooh ooh ooh
Ring My Bell
I want you ooh ooh
Ring My Bell
Every time we meet
If you can hear the sound of my racing heart
Then I hope you will hug me without a word
I close my eyes
But I hope you’ll always be standing in front of me
I hope you will only love me
I wish ooh ooh ooh
Ring My Bell
(I’m only waiting for you)
I want you ooh ooh
Ring My Bell
If you ever missed me
I’d run to you at once
But in case I get caught
I’m just waiting for you again today
I love you


the lyrics above is the english translation of Bea Suzy's "Ring My Bell" from ost Uncontrollably Fond (salah satu drama korea yg tengah hot skrang and i juga sedang follow episodenya ^_^). 

Base on the lyrics, i have a story to tell. A story of a girl dan si jejaka idamanya. So pls relax and have an easy read (WARNING! The story i'm going to tell nie x dek kena ngena dengan drama Uncontrollably Font, Bea Suzy or even Kim Wo Bin ya. Just kisah nie boleh direlatekan dgn lyric lagu ring my bell nie jer).

The story begins with this girl who founds out that one of her guy pal (her colleague) secretly is having love feelings for her. However, the story that she heard isn't clear yet. It still remains a rumor. Is it true that he likes her? Or is it just cerita rekaan semata-mata?

Well he did gave her  some hints that he likes her. And she can feel it with her heart that the hints are real. But still she is having hard time to confirm if the hints are real or not. Becoz he still did not said the 3 magic words for her. 

Soon she also realize that she has also fallen in love with the guy. He is a cute nice guy. Her feelings for him makes her wants to be with him. And her feelings for him keeps develops as time goes by. 

She really love this guy. In every of her prayer she always pray for him. She pray to Allah S.W.T for good things for him. She also pray that someday Allah S.W.T will destiny them together. Insya'Allah.

The girl feeling towards her dream guy keeps develop as time goes by although things remain the same. They are still friends. Not yet a couple.

The girl also question herself, "Should i keep my feelings to myself? And remain like this without making a move?". She tells her BFFs about her feeling for that guy. They said if he doesn't make his move then she should be the one to make a move. Woah!

In her very own opinion, it is not wrong for her make a move. She isn't really scared of rejection and always take everything positively. But at the same time she is still shy. Why?

She has been through a lot of things in her life before. She has gotten herself 3 times heart broken before. First with a guy from a different religion (he is a buddhist and not willing to convert to Islam), second with Mr So Perfect Dream Guys but turns out to be MR Totally Wrong!, and third with Mr Confuse (She confess to her love to him. But he gave her a weird answer that doesn't sound like a "yes" or even a "no". He told her to always keeps in touch with him, but then he is the one who stay silent and she then slowly lost interest in him).

However having 3 times heart broken before is not the reason why she is shy to confess her feelings. She is friend with him. She is scared that if she start first their friendship might become apart. Although sometimes she can't help falling in love with him.

Till now she keep praying to Allah S.W.T to give her the strength to get near to him. Insya'Allah someday she will confess her feelings to him. The girl won't let things to remain like this forever. She doesn't one to keep her feeling to herself. She knows she must do something to gain her own happiness. Yesss! She is responsible for her own happiness. 

Besides that she is also working hard to improve herself to be a better person. That guy is a good person. He is smart, talented, and indeed a very nice guy. 

Besides she is also praying that someday Allah S.W.T will also open the guy's heart to her. Insya'Allah he also has the same feelings for her. Insya'Allah someday he will ring her bell. Aamiin.

Insya'Allah time will tell.....................


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