My Top 5 Favorite Malaysian Lipstick Brands


since today is International Lipstick Day (29.07.2017), i would like to share another post on my love for lipstick. I'm gonna write a review on my top 5 favorite Malaysian lipstick brands. Sebelum ini asyik dok support Korean cosmetic jer, so why not now start support our local brand. Our local brand pun not bad lol dari segi quality nyer. Setanding jer dgn yg international. Ok'lah memandangkan dah nak masuk jam 1700hrs, so lets start the top 5 now. Kit lagi gua mo work out pulak.

No.5 : Fame Cosmetic Lip Cream

Fame Cosmetic Lip Cream was the first local lipstick brand i've tried. I was introduce to Fame Cosmetic by my office mate. This lip cream has smooth and soft texture. It is also long lasting.  Fame Cosmetics offers flamboyant colors to their wearers. Now, Fame Cosmetic doesn't just offer you lip creams but also BB Cushion, Eye Liner, Mascara, and also Make Pouch if i'm not mistaken.

My Ratings: 7.5/10
My Color Pick: Nude (sweet and peachy color)

No.4 : Breena Beauty Velvet Creme Liquid Lipstick

I just tried Breena Beauty Velvet Creme Liquid Lipstick last 3 weeks. This lipstick is also awesome. It is also smooth, soft, light weight, and long lasting. What i like most about this lipstick is the packaging. The packing is very lovely and sweet. It shows a lot of the brand's feminine image.

My Ratings: 8/10
Color Pick: Teddy (a creamy light brown color)

No.3 : Velvet Vanity 

I just love this lip cream a lot!!!!!!!!!!! It is so velvety, smooth, light weight, and color is also long lasting.

My Ratings: 8.5/10
My Color Pick: Slamberry (Berry pinky color. It's kinda unique)

No.2: Nita Cosmetic Matte Lipstick

Nita Cosmetic Matte Lipstick are just awesome. Setanding dgn lipstick2 international yg saya pernah guna. The lipstick is very light weight, smooth and soft texture, and not to mention that the packaging is so sophisticated. This lipstick memang sesuai utk mature, sexy, sophisticated, trendy, and yet adventurous women. Kpd penggemar lipstick, this is the lipstick brand yg you all MUST TRY!

My Ratings: 9/10
My Color Pick: Pangkor (Smoky grey + brown color. Sexy and sophisticated)

No.1 : Madu Cosmetic

"Madu Cosmetic are made for cool girls", that's what the tag line says. And yes, i agree. Madu Cosmetic are the coolest Malaysian brand lipstick ever! I love almost everything about this lipstick. The texture is smooth and light weight. The color is long lasting and it is also easy to apply (x mudah smudge). The packaging of this lipstick is also cool and simple. The color choices for Madu lipstick are also cool and unique. This lipstick is special for women who love to be trendy, unique, and a trend setter. The founder of Madu Cosmetic is Hunny Madu (Malaysian singer, and emcee). Hunny Madu name the color choices for Madu Cosmetic after her songs. This Madu Cosmetic is also another Malaysian lipstick brand that i highly recommended for lipstick lovers to try. Pls!

My Rating: 9.5/10
My Color Choice : Go Hard (Purplish pink color. Very sexy)

Ok, so that's all my top 5 favorite Malaysian lipstick brands. Happy International Lipstick Day you all.


Fadima Mooneira

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