My Sarangheyo Adventure: I Seoul U (Part 2)

Anyeong Haseyo,

here's the part two of My Sarangheyo Adventure. The part two took place in Seoul. The city that never sleeps.................

30 August 2017 : From Jeju to Seoul

On the plane. Boarding to Incheon International Airport

Having dinner at MAKAN (Korean halal restaurant in Iteawon, Seoul)

On the 30 of August 2017, we took Korean Air plane from Jeju International Airport to Incheon International Airport. I was the beginning of our adventure in Seoul. This is also me and Abeoji's third time visiting Seoul. Eomoni dah fourth time. Seblum nie kalo travel ke Seoul kami stay kat area Jogno and Insadong. But this time we decided to stay at Iteawon area (Hamilton Hotel) sebab senang sikit utk kami carik makanan halal. Iteawon is a place for korean muslim/ muslim community. Di situ juga terletak nyer masjid Iteawon. When we reached Seoul it was about 1530 hrs. Sampai di Hotel Hamilton, kami berehat sebentar. At 1630 hrs kami bersiar-siar di kawasan Iteawon, sambil tu kami juga carik restaurant halal for dinner. We decided to have dinner at MAKAN. MAKAN is one of the Korean halal restaurant at Iteawon area. MAKAN is one of the halal restaurant that is highly recommended by Have Halal Will Travel website. The food there was quite delicious. Besides MAKAN there is also other halal restaurant at Iteawon area such as Eid (also ada cawangan di Bangi), Haj, and also some Pakistani, Arab, and Turkish restaurant. Bak kata Iteawon nie macam area Rusholmes di Manchester lew. Iteawon is a good place to stay for those yg utamakan nak makanan halal. But besides Islamic stuffs, Iteawon has also a lot of pubs, clubbing spots, and also some adult shops (urgh!). So you have to bare in mind that during weekend night memang byk locals and foreigners pergi berparty di Iteawon. You might also hear the loud music in your hotel room. After we had  our dinner, kami hanya bersiar-siar di area Iteawon and have a rest at out hotel room.

31 August 2017: Historical and Shopping

Breakfast at Coffee Smith

At Changdeokgung Palace entrance

At Doll Museum Made By Choo

Bersama tempayan2 kimchi Buckchon Hanok Village

With Tom Cat (promoter Cat Cafe) at Insadong

The famous cathedral in Myeongdong

Myeongdong!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Before we begin our adventure during our second day, we had breakfast at Coffee Smith, Iteawon branch. Coffee Smith is one of Korea's top coffee brand. Variety menu dia x byk sgt. But the ambiance at Coffee Smith is very nice and calm. After that kami truskan perjalanan ke Changdeokgung Palace. Changdeokgung is one of the famous palace in Seoul. There are a lot of historical K-dramas shot here. First time visit Seoul during 2011, we visited Gyeongbokgung Palace instead. To me Gyeongbokgung lagi cantik dpd Changdeokgung. Gyeongbokgung is connected to the Blue House (house of the South Korea president), and Korean Folk Museum. After we are done with the palace, we continue our journey to Bukchon Hanok Village. It was my second time visiting Bukchon. Masa second time turun Seoul dah visit dgn Abeoji. Tapi masa tu Eomoni x ikut. So kenalah pegi lagi skali bawak Eomoni ^_^ On our way to Bukchon Hanok Village kami sempat singgah  a handcraft shop that is own by a designer name Choo. In the small lovely shop there is also a doll museum where the designer display disney princesses dolls (Elsa, Anna, Snow White, Lil Mermaid, Jasmine, Belle) wearing hanbok he/she maid. The doll museum is really cute and interesting. 

After we are done with the hanok village, we went to Insadong for some Korean traditional souvenirs shopping. Insadong is a shopping district where you can shop for nice lovely traditional souvenirs. Ada shop that jual souvenirs at an affordable price, ada juga some jual mahal. Kena pandai bargain la. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!! After are done with Insadong we went straight to Myeongdong. Myeongdong is a place where you can shop Korean brand cosmetics such as Etude House, Innisfree, Face Shop, Nature Republic, Too Cool For School, and some brands that aren't in Malaysia such as Espoir, It's Skin, Apeu, and many more. Kami berjalan lama di Myeongdong. Malam baru patah balik ke Iteawon.

1 September 2017: Salam Eid Adha from Seoul

Ancient armor at Seoul National Museum

Lepak at Seoullo 7017 at night! I just love CITIES AT NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was also Eid Al-Haj during our third day in Seoul. So pagi tu kami beraya la dulu. After that kami meneruskan perjalan to visit Seoul National Museum. The museum was very interesting. We got to learn a lot about the history of Korea during the Shilla, Koryo, and Chosun dynasty. There a lot artifacts, pottery, old jewelries display at the museum. During the afternoon we had our dinner Kervan Restaurant. Kervan is a Turkish restaurant and all the food there are halal.  After we had our dinner, we visited Seoullo 7017. Seoullo 7017 is a new spot in Seoul. Baru tahun nie jer dibuka. Seoullo is a sky garden inside the city. The garden is very beautiful. Besides flora, there are also cafes for people to dine. It's fun to lepak there especially at night when the city are lighted with lights, and again.............I JUST LOVE CITIES AT NIGHT! From Seoullo 7017, you can also catch a glimpse of Sungnyemun Gate (one of the eight gates guarding Seoul during the ancient days). Next time when i come to Seoul again, i MUST visit Seoullo 7017 again!

2 September 2017: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Hanging out at Hongdae Forest with Azliza 

Kakao Friends Store at Hongdae Street

On our fourth day at Seoul, saya sempat berjumpa dgn sahabat lama saya, Azliza Wasnin. She is now staying in Seoul. Syukur Alhamdulillah Az ada rezeki di Seoul. On our fourth day, me and Azliza had our girls day out at Hongdae Street. Before we went shopping, we lepak at Hongdae Forest. Hongdae Forest is a small park. We had a lot of fun chit-chatting, gossiping, and share some girly stuffs together. At Hongdae we also visited Kakao Friends flagship store. The store was huge with 3 storie (level 1 and 2 is the store, while level 3 is the cafe). The store is really cute. 

Abeoji and Eomoni x join kami melepak kat Hongdae. Mereka berdua bersiar-siar kat Yeouido Park (where KBS station, national assembly park is). During the afternoon me and Azliza join Abeoji and Eomoni for dinner at Eid Restaurant in Iteawon. 

3 September 2017: Life is Like a Rainbow

Introducing my new BF.............Mr Brown Bear. Hehehe ^_^

Seoul Forest

Dongdaemun Design Plaza

Karl Lagerfeld Pop-Up Store at Garo Sugil

Finally i gotta see the Banpo Rainbow Bridge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fuh!!!!!!!!!!! Byk tempat kami berjalan on our fifth day in Seoul. Pagi tu kami eye shopping (window shopping in Korean) di LINE Store Iteawon. The LINE Store in Iteawon is the flagship store. Unlike Kakao Store in Hongdae, LINE Store is also 3 stories (first and second floor is the store, while third floor is the cafe). We also had our breakfast at LINE Cafe. The cafe x byk sgt choice of food, but the cafe is cute and a good place to selfies. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LINE characters are everywhere in the cafe. You can also choose to sit next to your favorite Line characters (is like you can dine with them).

Lepas breakfast, kami terus visit Seoul Forest. Seoul Forest is a park. The park is lovely and huge. Kalo dtg time autumn sure lagi cantik. In the afternoon, we visited Garo Sugil Road. Garo Sugil is the Korean version of Harajuku. Yep, it's a fashion district all right. Fun place for shopping or eye shopping pun jadik la. Barang agak mahal kat sinie. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After selesai dgn Garo Sugil, kami terus ke Banpo Rainbow Bridge to catch the rainbow lights show. The rainbow lights show was spectacular. Syukur Alhamdulillah i finally gotta experience it. Dua kali dtg Korea sblum nie time winter, so the show wasn't available. Abis show kami terus balik ke Iteawon. I was tired but happy ^_^

4 September 2017 : From Putrajaya With Love, My Hanbok Experience

At Namsan Tower. Sudah third time ke sinie. But never jemu ^_^

The second heart i left at Namsan. From Putrajaya with love

Me in hanbok!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dah 3 kali gie Seoul finally dpt pakai hanbok! Weeehooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the fourth of September was our last day to bersiar-siar at the city of Seoul. Esok pagi tu dah nak fly balik ke Malaysia. On that day, kami visit Namsan Tower for the third time. Namsan is my favorite spot in Seoul. Kalo gie Seoul x sah x visit Namsan. Ahax! On my third visit to Namsan, lagi skali saya meninggalkan hati saya (keypad lock). This time i choose a lime green colored heart with the message "From Putrajaya With Love" and my signature on it. My third visit to Namsan Tower was also the most remarkable day of our Seoul vacation. Dah third time gie Korea inilah kali pertama saya dpt experience memakai hanbok (pakaian traditional Korea). Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its really fun to wear hanbok although saya sedikit kekkok sebab x biasa. Byk shot saya tangkap pakai hanbok. Best giler!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Syukur Alhamdulillah, third time gie Korea nie byk benda yg saya target dpt dilaksanakan - hanbok experience, rainbow lights show at Banpo Bridge, handbag Bean Pole, Carin Sunglasses. Tqvm Abeoji and Eomoni. Kasih sayang yang mereka berikan kat saya selama ini sgt priceless.

After we are done at Namsan, we went back to Iteawon for last minute shopping, dinner, then back to Hamilton Hotel for packing and rest.

5 September 2017: Bye-Bye South Korea, See You Again Next Time ^_^

Finally, i got my own Soohorang and Bandabi

Sempat juga date dgn Ji Chang Wook sblum flight :P

On the fifth of September was our last day at Seoul. Pada hari tersebut, awal pagi kami bertolak ke Incheon International Airport. We had pur breakfast there. Seblum flight saya dan Eomoni sempat lagi berjln2 and do some last minute shopping. Finally, saya dpt juga saya membawa Soohorang and Bandabi (mascot Pyeongchang Winter Olympics 2018) balik Malaysia. At 1000 hrs we took Malaysia Airlines flight to KLIA. Kami sampai di KLIA pada jam 1600 hrs. Syukur Alhamdulillah kami selamat sampai. I was happy and grateful, and yet feeling excited to return to work.

Syukur Alhamdulillah everything was awesome during our vacation in South Korea this time. For this vacation, i would like to thank.....................

1) My Abeoji and Eomoni for the awesome vacation, melayan and sentiasa bersabar dgn kerenah saya :P hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys are the best! I'am so bless and grateful to be your daughter.

2) My friend, Azliza Wasnin. Tqvm for the awesome girls day out and your small gift. Az, i sentiasa akan doakan semoga you menjadi org yg berjaya dan dimurahkan rezeki x kira di mana you brade. Dan i juga doakan semoga you jumpa jodoh di Seoul ^_^ Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are an awesome person babe! Pls keep in touch. Insya'Allah ada rezeki i akan visit you lagi di Seoul.

3) Malaysia Airlines for the pleasant flight and good service.

4) Korean Air for the pleasant flight.

5) Hamilton Hotel for the good stay.

6) Howard Johnson Hotel for the good stay in Jeju.

7) Any ahjishi, ahjuma, oppa, eoni, and dongseng for your kind help to us as a tourist. Insya'Allah time anda dtg Malaysia nanti kami pula akan bantu anda. Hehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok'lah, thats all.

Wassalam and Khungang Haseyo,

Fadima Mooneira ^_^

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