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The Lipstick, The Dress, The Hijab

Assalamualaikum dearies, dah lama ek saya menghilang? Sorry been busy lately. Bulan October lepas almost every weekend ada jek benda yg penting mesti dilaksanakan. Even today pun bukan nyer 100% free sgt. Ok'lah  tanpa buang masa let's share post for today. Today saya nak share dgn you all cara saya padankan warna lipstick dgn pakaian and juga hijab.

All you stylista sure dah tahu kan that there is a way to match your lipstick color with the dress/hijab you are wearing supaya penampilan anda akan nampak lengkap bergaya. I'm sure masing2 pun ada cara tersendiri untuk mencantikan diri sendiri. As a stylista and lipstick lover i also have my own way to make my look complete and style. To me lipstick adalah pelengkap penampilan wanita. Well, this is my way in mix matching my favorite shade of lipstick colors with my clothes/hijab.

Shades of Red

Shades of red are the sexiest and the most sophisticated shades of lipstick for me. Red lipstick are my favorite. This color benar2 melengkapkan penampilan. It's beautiful to wear during daytime and night time. However, not many people are brave enough to wear this sexy color. Pada awal saya pun x suka red color lipstick becoz i think it make me look like a clown since i have small lips. But bila dah cuba tu suka and addicted la plak. Untuk melengkapkan penampilan, i wear red, blue (navy, dark, royal), black, dark purple, dark brown, white and even yellow dress/hijab to match my red lipstick. In my opinion, bright and dark color clothes/hijab are more suitable to be mix and match with red lipstick. Kpd sesiapa yg nak padankan red lipstick with red dress/hijab make sure your red lipstick is in the same shades with your dress/hijab. Eg: If the red lipstick shades is in red tomato, your dress/hijab should also be red tomato.

Shades Of Pink

Pink are the pretties shades of lipstick. It makes a girl look young, fresh, energetic, feminine, and sweet. Saya tahu ramai gadis yg gemarkan warna pink ini kan. Utk menjadikan penampilan pink saya nampak lengkap bergaya, saya selalu mengenakan pakaian/hijab berwarna pink, royal blue, light blue, turquoise, lime green, light green, dark green, yellow, black, white, or vintage brown. Pink lipstick have a lot of shades such as shocking pink, sweet pink, pink rose, salmon pink, melon pink, and etc.

Shades of Orange

Orange lipstick can be very hot, adventures, and sexy. I love orange lipstick. Orange lipstick aren't hard to mix and match with. I usually mix and match my orange lipstick with orange, yellow, black, multi color and pattern (but must have orange color in it) dress/hijab. Orange lipstick also have different kind of shades such as hot orange, tomato orange, peach orange, etc.

Shades of Nude

Nude lipstick are quite famous nowadays. It gives it wearers a fresh, youth, and forever young look. Nude lipstick juga ada pelbagai jenis shades. Antaranya skin nude (seakan2 warna kulit), orange nude, peach nude, pink nude, and brown nude. Saya suka memadankan nude color lipstick saya dgn dress/hijab berwarna gelap agar penampilan saya nampak berseri and x terlalu pucat.

Shades of Purple/Maroon

Purple lipstick can be sophisticated, hot, sexy, daring, and even eccentric. But most women are having hard time to match this shades of lipstick with dress/hijab. Kalo tersalah match, penampilan anda boley buat anda nampak terlalu gothic or witchy. Purple lipstick have different kinds of shades too. Ada yg terlalu purple and terlalu dark. Utk menjadikan penampilan saya nampak lengkap dan berseri, saya biasanya padankan shades yg terlalu purple and dark ini dgn dress/hijab berwarna pastel atau dress/hijab yg floral motifs agar penampilan saya sweet dan x nampak terlalu gothic. Kalo purple lipstick yg shades nyer sedikit pinkies or kemerahan, saya akan padankan pula dgn dress/hijab yg berwarna gelap (usually dark purple), so that penampilan saya nampak sophisticated.

Shades Of Brown

Brown lipsticks are very elegant. There are also different shades of brown such as vintage brown, reddish brown, etc. I usually dress in brown color outfit/hijab every time i wear brown lipstick.

Extra: Eccentric Colors

Fashionistas nowadays are very brave and adventures. Siapa sangka dah ada lipstick warna blue, green, and even black kan. Warna2 ini dipanggil eccentric colors. Saya pun terkejut masa first time tengok ramai fashionista dok menggayakan lipstick warna2 ini. Termasuklah partner in crime saya, Miss Reiko Diana. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!! This colors are quite pretty to wear if anda jenis yg berani, adventures, and have the aura to do so. Kpd anda yg nak mencuba waran2 ini, you can match this eccentric colors with dress/hijab yg color nyer same dgn color lipstick yg anda nak cuba. Eg, Blue lipstick with blue dress/hijab. However, you can also try hip hop or grunge look to make your penampilan look cool and eddgy with eccentric color lipstick. 

Ok'lah, that's saya nak share for today. Hope anda sumer enjoy topic ini. Khungang haseyo ^_^

Fadima Mooneira

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    1. Ramai gadis Dan wanita suka color to. Well, it is very sweet, modest, natural, and down to earth color. Good taste 💋💋

  2. I suka red colour but eccentric color look so adventurous too.. btw, thank you for the tips dearie

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    2. Red! Same la kita. Kalo color eccentric to reiko lagi pakar babe.

    3. Red! Same la kita. Kalo color eccentric to reiko lagi pakar babe.

  3. I'm sure you had great knowledge about this. You gave us much information. This information is really good and commentable. Thanks for sharing your things with us.


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