FOODIE REVIEW: Kak Dah Nasi Dalca

Assalamualaikum Dunia ^_^ Apa khabar sumer? Buat apa cuti 3 hai nie? 

Rasanya dah dekat sebulan dah kot my last entry. Sorry lah been very busy lately. Ok'lah let's not waste time. In this new entry i wanna share with you all sumer my review on a food stall at TJ (Teras Jernang) Junction Food Court i recently dine at last November. 

The food stall is called Kak Dah Nasi Dalca (KDND). KDND is owned by Prof Dr Faridah Ibrahim (Professor at Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur). KDND is also a family business. Prof Faridah is a family friend of mine (ibu angkat saya ^_^). Dr Faridah enjoys cooking. Nasi dalca is her specialty. That's why she choose to open a nasi dalca food stall.

Nasi Dalca Ayam Goreng. Memang sedap-licious!

In my opinion, nasi dalca at KDND is the most delicious i ever taste. There are 3 types of nasi dalca serve at KDND - nasi dalca ayam kari, nasi dalca ayam goreng, dan nasi dalca daging masala. To me nasi dalca ayam goreng is the most delicious. The chicken is cook with yogurt. The yogurt gave the chicken a sour savoury taste. Macam ayam2 goreng yg saya pernah makan di restaurant2 arab di Manchester dulu. Yummeh :P 

Daging masala

Sambal sotong. The squid is crunchy and well cooked.

Besides nasi dalca, KDND also serves their customers nasi kacang and finger snacks like ayam goreng, karipap kentang, and popias. The popias are very extremely delicious. Makan memang sampai menjilat jari! Yum!!!!!!!!!!! There are 2 types of popias serve by KDND - popia  cheese and popia telur rebus. These 2 popias is a MUST TRY MUST EAT if you dine at KDND. Kalo x try memang rugi sampai gigit jari. Hahaha!

Popia Cheese. This one is a MUST TRY MUST EAT!

Kak Dah Nasi Dalca Menu

Overall my review on Kak Dah Nasi Dalca is awesome-licious with rating 10/10. Bukan sahaja the food is good, the service pun excellent juga. Prof Faridah is a very friendly, genuine , lovely woman. Her children's are also nice. KDND memang match tag line nyer "The Best Nasi Dalca In Town".

Kepada yang berminat nak dine at Kak Dah Nasi Dalca, the stall is located at Teras Jernang Food Court. The address is Jalan Taman Sentosa, Desa Sentosa Fasa 2, 43650 Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor.

But do also bare in mind that Teras Jernang Junction Food Court is not a 24 hours service. And so does KDND. The opening hours for KDND and Teras Jernang Junction adalah seperti berikut:

Ok'lah, that's all for now. Semoga anda sumer akan berkunjung ke Kak Dah Nasi Dalca becoz it is THE BEST NASI DALCA IN TOWN. Kpd yg dah sampai KDND tu feel free la dtg lagi sekali ya. Kpd Prof Faridah and family i wish you guys all the best in your new F&B Business. Semoga Kak Dah Nasi Dalca will be one of the best hot spot in Bangi area. 

Wassalam ^_^

Fadima Mooneira

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  1. Yes very delicious and every person who enjoys food should try...

  2. Insya'Allah I will recommend more to my friends.

  3. Thanks for the sharing. I am looking for a place with good restaurant painting and atmosphere for my anniversary dinner with my husband. I am going to try out your recommendations. Great sharing!


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