My Travel Diaries: Sawadikaap Bangkok

Sawadikaap dearies ^_^
I just got back from my family vacation in Bangkok last week. Since i'm free at the moment,  here i'am to share with you my travel diaries in Bangkok. Ok, let's not waste time and get started...........

27.01.2018: KLIA/ Suvarnabhumi Airport/ Marriot Vacation Club Empire Place

Waiting for the plane. Boarding to Bangkok

Hehehe.............Saja nak post my airport fashion :P

On the 27 of January 2018 afternoon, we took Malaysia Airlines flight to Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok. The flight took us two hours to reached Bangkok. When we reached Bangkok it was already 1800 hrs and nearly maghrib (maghrib is around 1800 hrs in Bangkok and some other countries in Southeast Asia). From Suvarnabhumi Airport we took a taxi to Marriot Vacation Club Empire Place (that's where we stayed in Bangkok). Empire Place is situated at Sathorn area in Bangkok. Sathorn is quite posh area. It is where most embassies are situated and where most expatriates leave. When we reach our hotel it was already night and we were quite tired. So we just have a rest at the hotel and begin our adventure the next day.

28.01.2018: Chatuchak Market

Me and Abeoji infront of Chatuchak Market entrance.  JJ Mall is another name for Chatuchak

Me and tuktuk

Amaze me............giant turtles are also available at Chatuchak

Lovely kois at aquarium section

The next day we begin our adventure after Zuhur time, 1230 hrs. On the first day of our adventure we choose to go shopping at Chatuchak Market since it was Sunday. Chatuchak Market is a weekend market. Rugilah kalo x pegi Chatuchak during weekend kan. Chatuchak is the biggest open market in Bangkok. According to Trip Adviser, Chatuchak is a MUST visit spot if you travel to Bangkok. The market is very huge and massive. A lot of interesting things can be found at Chatuchak Market including fashion, foods, furniture, home decor, garden decor, and event animals. Wow!!!!!!!!!! Interesting! This is my second time visiting Chatuchak and and my second time visiting Bangkok. I already been to Bangkok seven years ago ^_^

29.01.2018: Siam Paragon Mall/ Siam Centre/ Siam Discovery

At Sathorn Subway Station

At Siam Paragon department store -fashion floor. Flynow a local Thai Fashion Brand. What a creative design.

Toy section at Siam Paragon. Byk teddy bears and toys comel2 kat sinie. Rambang mate!

So cute!

Syukur Alhamdulillah. I got my Sylvanian Families Doll House. Harga dia murah sikit pada kat KL. Thanx for the info Madihah.

Be Mine by Lusciana. My new love. All this bears are made in Bangkok and they all are dress in fancy Harajuku/Japanese like fashion. Syukur Alhamdulillah......... i bought myself one. The one in baby blue dress.

Strawberry Mont Blanc at TarTar, Siam Discovery. Finally dpt juga mamam mont blanc. Dah lame nak rasa tapi x pernah jumpa kat KL.

In front of MBK Mall. Props dia ala2 Charlie and The Chocolate Factory

So imaginative!

On the 29 of January, we visited 3 massive malls in Siam Area - Siam Paragon, Siam Centre, and Siam Discovery. I've been to Siam Paragon during my visit, but first time for Siam Centre and Siam Discovery. Siam Discovery is a new mall in Siam area, it was complete refurbished in 2016. Siam Discovery offers the most pleasant and leisure shopping experience. The mall have an open concept. The mall also offers a lot of Japanese fashion brands such as Issey Miyake, and Comme de Garcons. To me these 3 malls have the most creative and imaginative visual merchandising concept. It's really enjoyable visiting these 3 malls. The toy section at Siam Paragon are the best. Byk giler teddy bears and toys comel2. Byk juga yg x dijual di Malaysia. Memang rambang mate i tengok.

30.01.2018: The Gym/Market Pops/ Harry Potter Exhibition

With a Thai independent fashion designer - Lin from Lin All Natural

Me and Eomoni at Harry Potter Exhibition at Siam Paragon

Yeay! I'm now a Quidditch Seeker!

On our fourth day in Bangkok, we spent our morning working out and beriadah at the gym. Kalo dah duduk hotel yg byk facilities kena juga try facilities yg disediakan. Btw, me and my family members aren't into visiting shrines (most attraction in Bangkok byk shrines), so we aren't in a hurry to catch what we want to visit. 

After we are done with the gym and had our breakfast and also shower, we went to explore Sathorn Subway Station first (nearby our hotel). This is the station where we took our subway rides). Station dia same jer dgn KL Sentral. Slain tunggu Subway boley jer shopping. Sebab byk kedai kat station tu. So kami singgah ke Market Pops. Market Pops is a bazaar where local entrepreneur sells their goods. We where lucky during our window shopping at Market Pops kerana dpt berkenalan dgn a local Thai independent  fashion designer and entrepreneur, name Son or commercial name Lin. She is the founder of Lin All Natural fashion brand (the lady i already post to you guys in my previous post). Lin is very friendly and humble. Me and Eomoni purchased one blouse each from Lin All Natural.

When we reached Siam Area again, we visited Harry Potter Exhibition at Siam Paragon. The exhibition is small, but fun and interesting. There are also wands magic show during the exhibition. Syukur Alhamdulillah, i got myself a HP T-Shirt.

31.01.2018: Emquartier Mall/ Emporium Mall

Emquartier Mall. Very beautiful!

Oh wow oh wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! Monolo Blahnik at Club 21!

Pretty isn't it?

Fashion section at Emquartier


On our fifth day in Bangkok, we visited Emquartier and Emporium Mall. These 2 malls are also new in Bangkok. The hotel receptionist recommended us these 2 malls. So we've decided to visit these malls. But just for window shopping and take pictures :P

Emquartier and Emporium are situated in Em District. Em District is quite far from our hotel. These 2 malls are also very massive and has beautiful landscape and visual merchandising design. I was really impress with most malls i've visited in Bangkok. Both malls carries high-end brands.

01.02.2018 : Chao Phraya River Cruise/ The Grand Palace/ Tha Maharaj

Chao Phraya River Cruise

At The Grand Palace Bangkok

With my Eomoni at The Grand Palace

Family wefie ^_^

Tha Maharaj ^_^ Love this place a lot

Wow!!!!!!!!! So many bike at Tha Maharaj. Pilih la satu.......

Saya dah dpt kejer jadik tuktuk driver. Hehehe!

On our third last day in Bangkok, we decided to go for sightseeing and historical visit instead of shopping. On that day, we took Chao Phraya River Cruise to the Grand Palace and lingo at Thai Maharaj.

The Chao Phraya River Cruise took us nearly half hour to reached Tha Maharaj. Tha Maharaj is a river cruise port. It is also nearby the Grand Palace. When we reached Tha Maharaj port, we visited the Grand Palace first. The Grand Palace is awesome and lovely. It is a MUST visit if you travel to Bangkok. The landscape of the palace is lovely. There are some Thai traditional and French style architecture building at the palace. The palace was quite crowded. There were a lot of tourist from all over the world visiting the palace. Some are independent tourist like us and some are in tour groups. 

After we were done with the palace, we lingo at Tha Maharaj. Besides just a port, Tha Maharaj is also a place for shopping (quite affordable) and dining (a lot of good cafes and restaurants there). At Tha Maharaj we do some shoppings, and also had our late lunch at a cafe name Gram. Gram is a cafe that serves healthy food. I had beetroot pasta there. It was yummi-licious :P

02.02.2018 : Siam Area/ Sea Life/ Market Pops

CNY Year of the dog is coming. Siam Paragon suddenly decorated with beautiful sakura decorations

Sea Life

Met another Thai independent designer. Mei of Mamad Shop

Met Lin again at Market Pops

On our second last day in Bangkok, we went to Siam Area again. This time we visited Sea Life. Sea Life is an under water giant aquarium like Aquaria in KLCC. At Sea Life you can see a lot of beautiful sea creatures. This kinda giant aquarium is really good for reducing stress because it brings a lot of cool atmosphere. Sea Life is situated in Siam Paragon shopping mall. On the first and second day we've visited Siam Paragon, the mall hasn't been fully decorated yet with Chinese New Year decoration. But on second February, the mall was fully decorated with sakura decoration for CNY. The visual merchandising is really lovely.

At Siam Area, i also met another independent Thai fashion designer name Mei while window shopping at a small market between Siam Centre and Siam Discovery Mall. Mei is a handbag designer. Her handbag line called Mamad Shop. All Mei's handbags are handmade. Insya'Allah, kalo kesempatan i will write to you a review about Mamad Shop. Btw, i bought one Mamad Shop handbag ^_^

On our way back to our hotel, we singgah Market Pops sekejap just to meet up with Lin (Lin All Natural) just to say goodbye and inform her that we are going home tomorrow. Lin said thank you to me for blogging about her and her fashion line. She also gave me a linen cover note book as a friendship gift. I love it a lot. It is very pretty! Tqvm Lin! Hope to see you in Malaysia one day. You are always welcome.

03.02.2018 : Bye Bye Bangkok

At Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok

Third of February 2018 was our last day in Bangkok. At 1000 hrs, we check out from Marriot Vacation Club Hotel. We went straight to Suvarnabhumi Airport. Our flight was at 1400 hrs. Our flight from Bangkok to KLIA was about 2 hours. We reached KLIA at 1600 hrs.

Syukur Alhamdulillah our second visit to Bangkok was awesome. Insya'Allah kalo kesempatan dan ada rezeki akan ada kali ketiga pula di Bangkok. Semoga ketemu lagi Bangkok city of hot guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ratri Swasdi

Fadima Mooneira ^_^

PS: You can check more of my pics in Bangkok on my IG @mughunghwa 

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