The True Beauty of Cleopatra

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Cleopatra VII Philopator (famously known as Cleopatra) was the last Egyptian Pharaoh of the Ptolemaic dynasty whom ruled Egypt during 51 BC – 30 BC.  Cleopatra is one the most famous female rulers in history.

As an ancient Egyptian Queen, Cleopatra is known for her intelligence, intellectual, strength, bravery, leadership, charisma, and of course beauty. Besides being listed as one of the most famous female rulers, Cleopatra is also listed as the most beautiful woman in history.

Historians describe her as “an alluring temptress” or as “a woman of surpassing beauty” whom was brilliant to look upon.  Historians also believe that Cleopatra used her sex appeal as a political weapon as she succeed in seducing two most powerful Roman leaders in history – Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony. Caesar and Anthony was also known as one of the most notorious womanizer in ancient history.

However, there are some historical and archeological evidence tells us that Cleopatra wasn’t physically striking as once believed. The ancient coins with her portrait shows that Cleopatra has manly features and a large hooked nose. Some historians believed that Cleopatra intentionally portray herself as masculine as a display of strength.

Most historians assumed that Cleopatra’s allure had little to do with her physical appearance.  Cleopatra’s beauty was more in her charisma, charm, intelligence, intellect, character, and how she carries herself.  Roman historian, Cassius Dio once quoted that “Cleopatra had a knowledge of how to make herself agreeable to everyone”.  According to Dio, Cleopatra had an irresistible charm and presence, combine with the way she speaks that made her so desirable towards others.

In my opinion, it is true that the beauty of a woman doesn’t have a lot to do on her physical appearance. 32 years living in this world, I met a lot of women and some are beautiful, attractive, charming, and average when it comes to physical appearance.  But those who impress me are the one with charisma, charming personality, confidence, intelligence, and of course women with a good heart. It is important for a woman to be able to carry herself and present herself well to others. Women with charisma, charming personality, confidence, intelligence, and good heart will always be portray as beautiful and alluring. That’s all I want to say…

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