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weekend is just around the conner. Any plans yet? Is there anyone of you planning for a recreational activity with pals and family, shopping, movies, yam cha, or a short vacation maybe? ^_^

Since weekend is just around the conner, I would like to share a review on Ole-Ole Bali (OOB) Restaurant at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya. Hopefully this review will give an idea to those who are planning for yam cha, girls day out, or date this weekend.  I enjoy dining at OOB. So that's why I would love to share my review on OOB.

Ole-Ole Bali is an authentic - fusion  Indonesian restaurant.  OOB serves authentic Indonesian cuisine and fusion food (western food with a mixture of traditional taste). Fresh ingredients and aromatic spices are serve in each cuisine to express OOB balinese culture. All food are presented in a very classy and cultural way. Even the beverages are also delicious and interesting. OOB is the first restaurant that have chili in their drinks. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! Interesting!

My favorite - Kambing Bumbu. It is a stir fried lamb cutlets with chili and spices. Very delicious! It's a MUST try!

Sate Lilit. Looks interesting and yummy to eat :P

Fusion cuisine (western food with traditional taste) are also serve at OOB. Voila! Fried Chicken Sandwich.

I love OOB pastas! All are fusion-licious! This one is Sauteed Lamb.

My favorite beverages at OOB. Cucumber and Passion Fruit Mojito. I was surprise to find a chili in the drink the first time i try it. This drink is detox-licious! I love it a lot and highly recommend it to you guys.

Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is so many chili is this mango juice. I never taste it yet. Eomoi have taste it. She says it is good. Maybe i should try it the next time I dine a Ole-Ole Bali.

Honey, mint and honeydew ice blended. This one is good too.

Yummi-licious deserts also available at Ole-Ole Bali. This one is pisang bakar. 

The restaurant have cozy and exotic ambiance. The restaurant is decorated in balinese decors to give customers an exotic mood while enjoying their food. OOB is suitable for family, friends, girls day out, dates, corporate lunch/dinner. The price to dine at OOB is affordable. It is around RM9.00 -RM50.00. Besides IOI City Mall, OOB also have outlets at Sunway Pyramid, Empire Shopping Gallery, and Dpulze Shopping Centre.

Ole-Ole Bali is a restaurant every food lovers MUST dine. OOB is also a good restaurant for selfies, wefies, and food porn. The service is also excellent. Dining at OOB is an experience you'll never forget.


Fadima Mooneira ^_^

Ps: My besties - Maddie, Reiko, Fadet, Azie, Raden, Iza............... lets have a girls yam cha Ole-Ole Bali nak?

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  1. This restaurant have delicious food with affordable prices. I believe they use professional food transportation to ensure the best quality and freshness especially for their fruits. Good recommendations!


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