Souvenirs From Malaysia (Special For Foreign Tourist)

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long time x muncul kan. Risau pula blog nie jadik suram. Now I am back to share a new post with you guys. This one is special for my foreign friends. Those who are planing to visit Malaysia, you need to read this post. It's about what you MUST grab/bring home when you visit Malaysia my home sweet home. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!! For those who haven't been/read/not familiar yet with my homeland, Malaysia is a country rich with culture, history, and heritage. So besides postcards, fridge magnets, and key chains, there are a lot of souvenirs that is a MUST for you to bring home if you visit Malaysia and I am here to share the list of souvenirs with you. Ok'lah let's get started...........................

1) Traditional Handicrafts

As a land that is rich with culture, history, and heritage, Malaysia provides it's local and international tourist with a lot of beautiful and authentic handicrafts to bring home. Each states (Malaysia have 13 states and 3 federal territories) have it's own signature handicrafts. Like Perak have the labu sayong. Labu sayong is a traditional pottery or a guard shape clay jar (it's the green jar in the picture). Sabah is famous with wooden handicrafts and the most famous is sompoton. Sompoton is a traditional musical instrument and it is famous for it's unique shape (center above). Unlike Sabah, Sarawak is also famous for wooden handicrafts. My favorite is the wooden cat. Melaka is a state famous with peranakan/nyonya culture and heritage. So Melaka is famous with nyonya crafts and the most famous is the nyonya terompah. Nyonya terompah is a wooden platform flip flops. Congkak is one the most famous traditional Malaysian handicraft for foreign tourist to bring home. Congkak is a traditional board game. Other traditional handicrafts are gasing, wau bulan, tembikar, etc.

2) Malaysian Pewter

Malaysia is also famous for pewter goods. For those who love to collect pewter, I would highly recommend you to buy Malaysian pewter. One of the most famous Malaysian pewter brand is Royal Selangor.

3) Traditional Costumes/Outfits

For those who love fashion, I would highly recommend you to look for Malaysian traditional costume/outfit. Malaysia is a land of many races. Besides Malay, our country also have Chinese, Indian, Sabah and Sarawak, and many more. Each races have their own traditional costume. Malay traditional costume the baju kurung and baju kebaya for women, and the baju melayu for men. Our traditional costumes are wearable, comfortable, modest, and elegant.

4) Songket

Malaysia is also famous for unique fabrics and one of them is songket. Songket is a legacy fabric from Kelantan (a state in the east coast). Songket is a luxurious fabric. It is made of gold and silk threads interwoven with threads of other material to create a unique fabric. Songket can be made into clothes, accessories, tablecloths, and other decors.

5) Batik

Besides songket, batik is another famous and MUST buy fabric to bring home from Malaysia. Batik is made of cotton and silk fabric, and the motifs are drawn by wax and dye method. Malaysian batik has variety color and motifs such as flowers and butterflies.

6) Dodol

Besides crafts, traditional fabric and costumes, Malaysia also offers tourist with delicious foods. Yep, Malaysia is a food heaven. For those who love food, I highly recommend you to try dodol. Dodol is a sticky candy (similar to taffy/toffee candy) made from durian fruit (king of fruits - must try it in Malaysia). Dodols are yummi-licious ^_^

6) Malaysian Coffee

Malaysia also offers variety of coffees to its tourist. There are a lot of international tourist bring home Malaysian coffee. Some of the famous brands are Kopi Hang Tuan, Ah Huat, Old Town Coffee, etc.

7) Shoes

For those who love shoes, I highly recommend you to look for and bring home our local brand shoes. Malaysia offers shoe lovers variety of shoes with fashionable designs and good quality. Some of the famous brands are Vincci, Primavera, Bonia, Sembonia, etc.

Ok'lah, that's all I wanna share with you. Hope this post is informative enough for those who are planning to travel to Malaysia.  Ciaw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fadima Mooneia ^_^

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