Toy Story 4 - Be Brave To Venture Out Of Your Comfort Zone.


Eiyo all... salam Jumaat and happy weekend in advance ^_^,

It is summer now in the northern hemisphere. Summer also means cinema season. Yep, there will be a lot of awesome blockbuster movies release in cinemas during summer. I just watched Toy Story 4 with my BFF last weekend. Now I  would like to write a short review and share one important lesson I've learned from watching the movie.


Woody with Forky (a new toy created by Bonnie).

As usual, Disney and Pixar never fail their audiences. The animation is awesome and it is more enhance than previous Toy Story movies. Toy Story 4 have a different story line, message, and ending compare to Toy Story 1, 2 and 3. The ending is really something unexpected. Overall, I give this movie 10/10.

Be Brave To Venture Out of Your Comfort Zone

Woody reunites with long lost girlfriend -Bo Peep.

Like I mention before, Toy Story 4 have a different story line and message compare to previous Toy Story movies. Toy Story 4 also have an unexpected ending. Toy Story 1, 2 and 3 tells us that a toy is always a child's plaything. The role of a toy is to provide love and joy to kids. But Toy Story 4 tells us that not all toys are loved and appreciated by kids. In the beginning of the movie, Woody was neglected by Bonnie (the toys new owner). Bonnie rarely played with Woody compare to Andy. He wasn't her favorite and was always left behind. It is like Woody didn't exist in Bonnie's imagination.

In the end of the movie, Woody decided to moved out of his comfort zone by joining Bo Peep (one of Andy's old toys and Woody's long lost love) as an independent toy. Meeting Bo Beep and her new friends made Woody realized that being a toy isn't necessarily mean he must be owned and loved by a child. A toy can also be independent. You just have to be smart to survive. Although the ending was sad seeing Woody saying goodbye to his friends - Buzz, Jessy, Bulls Eye, Mr. and Mrs. Potato, Ham, Rex, and Slinky, but I still believed that the ending was beautiful. Toy Story 4 tells us that we need to be brave to venture out of our comfort zone and not stick to the status quo. 

What more should I say about Toy Story 4? That's all for now. This summer is really a movie season. I am now excited to watch Spider Man: Far From Home that will be released next week. Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!


Fadima Mooneira

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  1. I watched the movie with Lina yesterday. It was awesome. I agree with your opinion. You can't stick to the status quo in life. You have to be able to try new things. You'll be happier that way.


  2. I agree wit u. Toy Story 4 memberi nafas baru kpd Toy Story series. I like d message Disney n Pixar tells. Tapi x tahu kenape i geram giler dgn Forky. Rase nak patah2 kan dia. Ahax!

    1. also geram dgn Forky. I think he is so degil.


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