My Top 10 Favorite Jang Man Weol Fashion in Hotel Del Luna

Hotel Del Luna (HDL) is one of the most-watched Korean dramas this summer. HDL tells the story of an elite hotelier named Goo Chan Soong (played by Yeo Jin Goo). At the beginning of the drama, Goo Chan Soong was recruited to be the general manager at a hotel called Del Luna by a fateful event. The hotel is located in Myeongdong Street, downtown Seoul. Del Luna is not like any other hotel. The hotel provides hospitality to ghost/spirits with unfinished business. Hotel Del Luna is own by a beautiful, ill-tempered and an immortal woman named Jang Man Weol (played by IU).

One of the reasons people enjoyed watching HDL is because of Jang Man Weol's (JMW) stylish and unique fashion. has described JMW's fashion as "timeless glamour". JMW fashion has a mixture of classic and modern beauty. As a fashion lover, I agree with that JMW is glamorous, graceful, and ethereal as a goddess.  I also admire JMW fashion sense and have listed her as one of my favorite fictional fashion icons with Holly Golightly (played by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany), Carrie Bradshaw (played by Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex In The City), Elle Woods (played by Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde), and Blair Waldorf (played by Leighton Meester in Gossip Girl). 

Voila!!!!!!!! My illustration of JWM Fashion

In this post, I would like to share with readers "My Top 10 Favorite Jang Man Weol Fashion". Let's begin with no.10 to no.1................

10) The Oriental Femme Fatale

This long flowing black floral gown is definitely an alluring beauty. This gown enhances Jang Man Weol's beauty and sexiness. Plus, I like the way JMW wears her hair with this gown. The wavy curls and the classic hair stick make Jang Man Weol the oriental femme fatale. 

9) The Sparkle Snow White

I am actually not a fan of the-all-white-fashion. But I can't say no to this fashion. To me, the sparkling hair clips make this fashion a winner. Those dazzling beauties make JMW look like a modern-day goddess.

8) The Red Handkerchief Dress

This red dress is so adorable and so IU. This red dress in a mixture of Harajuku and elegant fashion. This fashion creates youthfulness, fun, and sexiness. I just love handkerchief skirts. Plus, I think red is definitely the best color for IU.

7) The Little Floral Dress

I am a big fan of floral prints and definitely adore this fashion. This little floral dress suits IU and enhances her gamine beauty. I think fashion stylist, Noh Joo Hee did a good job by matching the floral dress with a red clutch and red-gold jewelry. 

6) The Little Blue Floral Dress

I love this fashion. This fashion reminds me of Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl. Plus IU's make-up and hairstyle make her look like an Asian Barbie doll. So innocent, so alluring.

5) The Big White Hat

This fashion is a mixture of glamour and creativity. As an artist, I like the mixture of glamour and creativity in fashion. I like the white suit, the big white hat, and the pieces of jewelry that are matched for this fashion.

4)  The Elegant Red

This fashion is so Audrey Hepburn. I like the way Noh Joo Hee matches the little red dress with a floppy red hat, pearl accessories and a white lady Dior handbag. This fashion enhances Jang Man Weol's elegance and makes her look so royal. 

3) The Classic Purple Beauty

This fashion is another mixture of glamour and creativity. This fashion can also be described as timeless glamour. The high collar, puffy sleeves, and shimmery jewel tones are timelessly classic and hauntingly beautiful. 

2) The Modest CEO

I describe this fashion as trendy, sophisticated and yet modest. I think this fashion is suitable for lady officers to wear at work. The metallic shoes and handbag, flower earrings, and natural waves hairstyle give a vogue touched to the modest fashion.

1) The Tiffany Blue Suit

And the first place goes to The Tiffany Blue Suit. Among all JMW fashion, I like this one the most. I like everything about this fashion. This fashion is also a mixture of modern and classic beauty. This fashion is another Audrey Hepburn inspires. The Tiffany Blue color is definitely a winner. The Tiffany Blue color brings femininity, while the accessories JMW wears brings boldness to this fashion.

3 Honorable Mention

1) The Red Evening Gown

This red evening gown reminds me of Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face. I think JMW looks so beautiful in the gown.

2) The Floral Long Dress

This fashion is so modest, sweet, and elegant. Plus, it is so IU.

3) The Pretty Turquoise

I still admire this fashion although it didn't make it in my top 10 list. I like the pleat at the end of the skirt, the turquoise color, and the floral hand fan.

That's all I wanna share with you in this post. I hope those of you who followed Hotel Del Luna enjoyed admiring JMW's fashion like I do. The drama is coming to an end with only four episodes left. Next week will be the final two episodes of HDL. I am really gonna miss Jang Man Weol and her fashion after next week. Woo...........time moves really fast. Maybe, I'll repeat watching HDL. Hehehe.

Thank you for reading and have a good weekend.


Fadima Mooneira 

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Ps: Thank you to all IU fans who shared me some information on JMW Fashion. You guys are awesome ^_^





1) Fashion Stylist - Noh Joo Hee Instagram @wwwwwwn88
2) Hair Stylist - Seo Yun Instagram @wwwseoyun
3) Make-up Artist - Shinae Lee Instagram @shinae.lee
4) Jang Man Weol Instagram @fullmoon.long
5) IU Instagram  @dlwlrma 


  1. hahaahaha kak lily tengok citer Hotel Del Luna ni, memang sangat-sangat best jalan ceritanya dan para pelakonnya cantik dan hensem belaka, memang betul pun fashion CEO didalam citer ni cantik tapi simple dan i like it

    1. Agree with you, Lily. HDL has interesting plot, good acting, and fashion JMW memang goddess-awesome! Sebab tu I truja watching HDL. Plus I am a fan of IU. Love her a lot.

  2. Ok now this sound like an interesting drama to watch, I've never watched a Korean drama before because hubby always warn me saying i might get hooked on haha. Never mind now i have something to look into.

    1. Yes. HDL is interesting and I highly recommend you to watch it. Trust me baby, you are
      Gonna love it.

  3. Tak tengok cerita ni. Fashionista eh pelakonnya?. Ni lah fesyen pakaian dari Korea. Dulu masa bersekolah memang minat menonton cerita Korea petang petang tu. Hehe

    1. Character nyer dlm drama HDL nie yang fashionista. Pelakon nyer well dressed jer.

  4. i suka yg floral long dress tu. sweet. nampak lembut. ayu sgt.
    later lah i tgk citer ni.
    bcoz boleh tgk sekaligus. tanpa tunggu next next episod.
    my eldest daughter sgt la korea lover. aduhai. this weekend nak tanya dia, tau tak citer ni.
    normally she will update me, tau :)
    then, i'll watch. according to her review lah. she will recommend to watch or not :) ha ha ha ha...

  5. Actually tak minat sgt korea. But this girl look gorges pulak. Walaupun muka diorang lebih kurang sama, susah differentiate. Sekali layan drama korea, mesti rasa nak layan lagi kan.

  6. hye.. Thank's for sharing this info. Naim sebenar tidak pernah layan korea ini. Dan tidak mengenali secara formal artis2 ini. Terima kasih share informasi yang baharu bagi diri Naim. Jangan putus berkarya dengan informasi sebegini hehe

  7. i yang tak follow ni pun bila tengok fashion yang digayakan, terpegun jugak. cantik betul artis korea ni.

  8. I pun rasa antara tarikan utama siri drama ini selain daripada pelakon utamanya adalah kerana fesyen yg dipertengahkan. Unik dan cantik

  9. Belum tengok lagi but i will.. ramaibyang kata plot cerita nya best. Even tgk sedutan drmama pun memang menarik. Fashion pun cantik2 dan kena dengan actressnya. Tak sabar nak habiskan kdrama tengahbtgk sekarang then naknlayan Hotel De Luna

  10. sis dh tengok drama ni... skrg tengah tunggu episode 16 pulak.. walaupun jalan cerita dia ntah apa2 dan agak kurang sesuai ngan agama kita but utk sekadar tonton sekadar isi masa lapang dan buat perbandingan, okay la...

    1. Walopun jalan ceritanya ada bertentangan dgn ajaran agama kita, but still the drama have good moral values. Apa yg nak disampaikan oleh Hong sisters ialah “hidup perlu ada kasih sayang, forgiveness, Dan jgn berdendam”. Itu opinion saya la. Tq for your comment btw.

  11. Lamanya saya tak tengok cerita korea. Last rasanya awal tahun lepas kut. Cantik2 baju pelakon ni. Negara korea mmg banyak fashion menarik eh?

    1. Yes........ Korean fashion memang up-to-date. So kalo En Aerill berborak dgn kawan2 pasal fashion cities, you must mention Seoul, Tokyo, and Shanghai. Kalo you sebut Paris and Milan org akan kata you old fashion la. Sekadar perkongsian.

  12. Tak pernh tgk hotel de luna.. Tapi suka tgk fesyen dia tu.. Semua cantik.. Kena denagn dia yang kecil molek tu..i jarang layan k drama ni

  13. Hotel de luna ni ramai kata best citenya tp xkesempatan nak tengok lagi... Fashion aktress pakai nampak cantik.. Mcm classic campur ala2 british style pula..

  14. Lama tak tengok Korea, tadi baru tengok ada orang share outfit Iu di twitter, cantikkk

  15. Wah.. best bila baca psl artis luar ni, artis Korea tu kak mmg kenal sbb byk berlakon drama dia mmg canti tp atis lg sorang xknl sgt

  16. sejak ada app Viu dalam ipad boleh tahan kuat BBL layan k-drama. lagi-lagi kalu weekend memang marathon jelah tengok episode sampai habis..

  17. I like your top 10. Some ada persamaan dgn mine.

    Hezliyana Top 10 Favorite JMW Fashion

    1) Your No.7 (i have a similar dress. I bought it in Korea. hehehe).
    2) The purple pant suit.
    3) Your no.1 honorable mention
    4) The black lace dress in episode 13
    5) Your no.1
    6) Your no.2
    7) Your no. 8
    9) The little red dress in episode 5 (comel sgt)
    10) Your no.6


  18. Model JMW fashion ni suwit dan comel2 muka nya. Suka tengok korean artist tapi i tak berapa kenal sangat hehe. Tengok korea zaman di Universiti dulu je- fullhouse hehe

  19. Hi, Lynn Mastura here..............

    Woah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not a fan of IU or any K-drama follower. But looking at IU's fashion in this drama buat i rasa nak tengok lak Hotel Del Luna. Nanti nak minta tolong Mira to download it for me lah. Hikhik.

    1. Yesssssssssss!!!!!!!!! Watch and follow HDL. Surely you will enjoy it.

  20. Ok, i must be wayyy out of touch with my korean dramas since i have not heard of Hotel Del Luna. Oops! However after reading your post, i might search it online to check out for myself if it is as good as you said it was!


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