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How are you guys doing? I hope you guys are doing well. In my last post, I shared my list of 10 Hottest Asian Actors of 2023. If any of you missed the post, here’s the link>> FADIMA MOONEIRA’S LIST: 10 HOTTEST ASIAN ACTORS OF 2023. And in my previous post, I also promised to share my list of 10 Hottest Asian Actresses of 2023. So here’s the list. We shall begin with no.10-1. 


Maitreyi Ramakrishnan is a Tamil-Canadian actress. She was born in Sri Lanka. Maitreyi is famous for her role as Devi Vishwakumar in Netflix’s Never Have I Ever. She also played the voice of Priya Mangal in Pixar’s 2022 animation movie, Turning Red, and Zipp Storm in the My Little Pony animation movie series.


Janna Nick is one of the queens in Malaysian dramas. She is a 28-year-old actress, singer, TV Host, director, and producer. Janna made her debut as an actress in 2012. She is famous for her roles in Syurga Nur, Kau Aku Kita, Suami Tanpa Cinta, and My Coffee Prince. Kimchi Untuk Awak (2017) is her most popular movie. In 2016, this pretty actress ventured into singing. Her first single is titled Mungkin Saja, followed by her follow-up single Akan Bercinta.


Song Hye Kyo (SHK) is not just a K-drama queen. But she is also known as the Queen of Asian entertainment since Autumn In My Heart (a 2000 K-drama). She is one of the most influential celebrities in Asia. Many young women look up to her as a role model. Other than Autumn In My Heart, some of SHK's famous dramas are Full House (2004), That Winter The Wind Blows (2013), Descendants of The Sun (2016), and The Glory (2022). Her film works include Hwang Jin Yi (2007), The Grandmaster (2013), My Brilliant Life (2014), and The Queen (2015). Besides being an actress, SHK is also famous as a Commercial Film Queen. She has been the endorser of so many brands from high-end fashion to beauty & cosmetics to F&B to electrical products and many more.


Lee Sung Kyung (LSK) has won many hearts since channeling Kim Bok Joo in Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. LSK is a South Korean actress, singer, and model. Besides Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, other LSK's famous dramas are Cheese In A Trap (2016), The Doctors (2016), Dr. Romantic 2 (2020), Shooting Stars (2022), and Dr. Romantic 3 (2023). Like Song Hye Kyo, LSK is also famous as a commercial film queen. She is also known as a fashion icon. LSK is adored by fans for her talent, charisma, beauty, and down-to-earth personality.


Anna Cathcart is a Canadian actress. She is of Chinese and Irish descent. Anna is famous for her role as Kitty Song-Covey in Netflix’s To All The Boys I Love Before films (2018-2021) and Xo Kitty (2023-present). Anna began her acting career in 2016 as Olympia in the PBS Kids’ series Odd Squad. 


Anna Jobling is a Malaysian model, actress, and TV Host. She is of Malay and British descent. She began her career in 2018 after winning fourth place in Dewi Remaja 2018/2019 (an elite modeling contest in Malaysia. Similar to America’s Next Top Model). Anna is famous for her role as Adriana Zulaikha in Melur Untuk Firdaus, a 2022 hit Malay drama. Melur Untuk Firdaus was the most popular Malay drama in 2022. The drama was not just popular in Malaysia. It also went viral in other countries in South East Asia~ Indonesia and Singapore. Playing Adriana Zulaikha put Anna Jobling's name on the map of ASEAN. The drama now has a second season. Last year, Anna Jobling was voted by fans as the most beautiful woman in Malaysia. She is famous for her talent and beauty.


Kim Yoo Jung (KYJ) is a South Korean actress. KYJ made her debut when she was only four years old in a movie titled DMZ (2003). Two years after her debut, KYJ started acting in TV dramas. Her first drama was titled Thank You Life (2006). Since KYJ started her career at a very young age, she has now appeared in more than 10 TV dramas and movies. She has also won several awards as an actress. In 2017, KYJ was ranked no.8 on the Forbes Korea Power Celebrity list. She was the youngest celebrity to be ranked top 10 on the Forbes list. KYJ’s beauty and popularity make her an endorser for Laneige (South Korea's elite beauty brand). 


Kim Sejeong is a South Korean actress and singer. She was a member of an all-girl K-pop group called Gugudan. This pretty young actress is famous for her role as Shin Hari in Business Proposal (a 2022 K-drama based on the famous webtoon, A Business Proposal). Playing the iconic character put Sejeong's name on the map of the world. Sejeong is not just famous in South Korea. She's now a worldwide superstar. Besides acting projects, Sejeong also received a lot of endorsement contract offers from beauty, fashion, and F&B brands. She's now one of the upcoming commercial film queens in Hallyu and is the first Asian endorser for Longchamp. Besides Business Proposal, Sejeong's other dramas are School 2017 (2017), I Wanna Hear Your Song (2019), The Uncanny Counter (2020), Today's Webtoon (2022), and The Uncanny Counter 2 (2023).

#2 IU

IU is now the queen of Hallyu and K-pop. Everyone who is into Asian pop-culture knows who IU is. She is an Asian and Eastern icon. IU’s success with Hotel Del Luna (a 2019 hit K-drama) put her name on the map of the world. Last year, IU made her international debut by attending the Cannes Film Festival for the premiere of her first film, Broker. IU received so many compliments for her acting in Broker from international film experts. She was also praised by international media for her charisma, beauty, elegance, and humble personality during the red carpet event at Cannes. IU is not just famous as an actress, singer, and songwriter, she is also known as a commercial film queen, fashion icon, and role model. She is also kind and generous. IU likes doing charities and helping those who are in need.


Im Yoona is now one of the most successful South Korean singers and actresses. She is a member of an all-girl K-pop group called Girls Generation. Yoona has won loads of acting awards. She is one of the most talented actresses in Hallyu entertainment. She is also one of the chemistry queens in K-dramas. Yoona has chemistry with most of her leading guys. This year, Yoona gained another success with King The Land (a 2023 hit K-drama). King The Land is listed as one of the most popular K-dramas this year. Yoona’s acting and chemistry with Lee JunHo in the drama is simply superb. Yoona’s success with King The Land and other achievements this year make her deserve the no.1 spot on Fadima Mooneira’s List of 10 Hottest Asian Actresses of 2023. Congrats, Yoona! You deserve it! Yoona is not just popular as an actress and singer, she’s also a commercial film queen, beauty & fashion icon, and role model to young girls in Asia. As a fan of Yoona, I wish her all the best for the future. May Yoona continues her success.

Okay, so this is my list of 10 Hottest Asian Actresses of 2023. I hope you guys enjoyed the list. Before I end this post, there’s one good news I want to share with you guys…

Guys, I’m now working on my first zine. I’ve been promoting and sharing some teasers of it on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. The zine is titled Bukan Kecil Tapi Merah and it is related to my first novel, Fail Merah. Bukan Kecil Tapi Merah will be the second product produce by Fadneira Imaginative Empire after Fail Merah. Insya-Allah, it will be published by the end of this month (November 2023). Any updates and information on Bukan Kecil Tapi Merah will be shared on this blog, my author’s website, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

Okay, this is all for now. Thank you for reading this post. I’ll see you guys again in my next post. Insya-Allah, in my next post, I will introduce Demian Wong (the ML in my latest short story, Danfo) to you guys. So don’t miss out and have a good day ^_^


Fadima Mooneira ^_^

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  1. I'm actually familiar with more of these actresses than the actors! Anna Cathcart is fantastic as Kitty, and I know IU and Yoona through their music, but not their acting.

    1. Anna Cathcart is ok. IU and Im Yoona are brilliant as both singer and actress.

  2. So many talented, beautiful women! It's great to see so many being out there and successful. Fantastic!

  3. This is a great list. I love how many different talents they have too.

    1. 🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷

  4. It was a lovely post my favourites personally are Anna and Maitreyi 🫢
    Both were so good in their role 😭🫢

    1. I only know Anna Cathcart from Xo Kitty and Maitreyi Ramakrishnan from Never Have I Ever. I need to check out their other works.

  5. Lots of clearly talented women. Excellent post.

  6. Interesting list, I think I remember you sharing about IU before. Great to know more about list of Asian celebrities

  7. Informative blog. Design of the blog is simple and attractive. Frankly speaking, one thing that I didn't liked is the pink purple color of the text. It's just my personal thought.

  8. What a great list, some stunners here!

    Corinne x

  9. Even though I cannot recall coming across these Actresses, I must agree with you that they look really beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Thanks so much for writing this! I was not familiar with anyone this is a straight forward and easy to follow guide so we can get to know more Asian actors and actresses! :) Great post!

  11. I'm familiar with a few of these! They all sound like great actresses x

  12. I'm not familiar with any of these actresses apart from when you talk about them on your blog, sadly! But they all seem very talented and I can see why you rate them :)

  13. They are definitely beautiful, sad that I am not familiar with Anna Jobling and Janna Nick; planing to check them out this weekend

    1. Anna Jobling and Janna Nick are Malaysian actresses. Yeah, you should check them out. They are baes 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍


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