EiYo amigas and amigos............. Welcome to Neira's Zone. This blog is a buzz about me. Well, this is  not my first blog. Before this i use to have my blog in friendster and myspace. But i'm no longer active for those webs. So thats why i've created this blog. 

Ok, now let me give you an introduction about this blog. This blog will be a buzz about myself, my activities,my adventures, what i'm up to, other issues that i follow and, arts, fashion, sports (mostly of futbol and tennis! Hehehe! :P), travel, shopping, movies, celebrities and other gossip.

Currently, i'm enjoying my holiday at Phuket and using shared computer. So i appologise for not uploading any photos yet. Not have no worries, i will upload as soon as possible. Right  now, just enjoy reading my post. Take care! Adios!


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