Portugal vs Spain next? Woah!

Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its now World Cup season and the futbol fever is totally on. So lets talk about futbol. When it comes to country and nation, i'm a big fan of Portugal. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wanna know why? That is bcoz of Cristiano Ronaldo. Wow!!!!!!!! He's hot!!!!!!!!!! Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!! But hey, i love the game. Not looking at hot guys. Opps!!!!!!!!! Recall,............when i first watch futbol,........its true that i  first enjoy looking at hot handsome guys like David Beckham. But after a long time, i've started fall in love with the game. Memang syok! Tell you what, weekend night is lame without futbol. Well, i'm a fanatic fan of Manchester United ( Glory! Glory Man Utd! Heheh!),..........but right now i'm also a fan of Real Madrid and you know why. :P. Eh! Quit that lol! Lets focus on WC 2010. Last night i was watching Portugal vs Brazil in my hotel room. It was a good game. I've enjoyed it and happy with the result although they've only draw 0-0. I'm delighted that Portugal is through the next round. They finish second spot in group G. But yg gabra nyer they will meet Spain ( Euro Champion). Eek!!!!!!!!!!!!!! However, i'am confident that Portugal will win against Spain coz i can see that they perform better this year World Cup. Well, lets just wait and see..............


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