Hold On To Your Dreams!

Ku yakin kisah dongengan

Bukan sekadar khayalan

Ku pendam mimpi di hati

Ku bimbang mimpi tak menjadi 

Namun tetap aku yakini

Mimpi memberi motivasi 

Ku percayai diriku

Seharusnya kau pun begitu kukuh berpaut pada mimpi

Mimpi yang pasti 

Hadir kita di sini

Punya peranan tersendiri

Andai hidup memagari usah dipeduli, redahi 

Terus lari mendaki ke puncak tertinggi

Mimpi jadi realiti 

Itu lah dia lyric Mimpi Yang Pasti nyanyian Akademi Fantasia 1 winner Vince Chong. This song above is a motivation song. Its about never give up in your dreams. Vince whom wrote he's own song tells us that we should not give up in what we always dreaming of although somehow it seems so far away. Keep on dreaming, work hard, motivated. I do believe in what this lyrics says............"dreams are motivation". Everyone must have one. And so do i...............................

Right now i would like to share with you a story about Holding On To Your Dreams....................

Once upon a time there was this girl who have a dream and truly believe in it. When she was a lil girl she enjoys drawing pictures of girls in beautiful fashionable outfits. This lil girl really admired fashion and arts. She was also a collector of Barbie Dolls and admired beautiful supermodels like Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, and Deeana Yusof. On her 5 birthday, she told her mother,........... "Mom. When i grew up i wanna be a fashion designer. What do you think?". Her mother answer,........ " Sure dear. Thats a lovely ambition". From that day the lil girl keep on working hard and always believe in her dreams. She is also lucky for having good parents supporting her in what she wan. They've send her to art classes so that she can polish her talent in art.

Now years have pass by. The lil fashionista is no longer a lil girl. She now have grow up into a lovely young women at the age of early twenties. She have also completed her Diploma in Fashion Retail Design at a local elite private collage and also finished her BSC Hons International Fashion Marketing at Manchester Metropolitan University. But still she feels her dreams aren't complete yet. She already have her qualification but still she is not working as a fashion designer. The young lady only work as a fashion advisor with Japanese No1 Fast Fashion Retailer. It makes her question her dream............. " Are my dreams were not mend to be? Or am i foolish to believe in such a fairy tale?.........Hmph!". It makes her become a bit rebellious. She sometimes question to God,.......... "Why? Why i work so hard in all my life but i still did not achieve what i wan? And why do some people can get what they wan easily?". 

The former fairy tale believer once cry in her own room thinking about her current life and how her future will be. Her father hear her crying and when to talk to her. She tells him how she feels at the moment. Her wise father gave her an advise and a bit of motivation,....... " Dear daughter please look at yourself. You are not at the bottom. Daddy have see that you are doing well with your current job right now. You are already 3 times Best Staff of The Day and plus you often get good compliments from your boss. You've already work hard. Just continue your good work and always try your best to improve harder. So can still have your dreams. Your dreams might come to you someday if you keep on your good work. You must always be strong and believe in yourself. Just don't give up ok." So she believe what her father told her and just carry on with her life although she still feeling blue.

Two weeks have pass by. Nothing change it stills stays the same although the girl still keeping up her good work. One day at work, the girl was approach by a lady customer with a cute lil boy asking her for some fashion advise. At the same time she manage to chat with the customer and her son that impress her. The customer's son name is Amir, he is 10 years of age. Amir told the young fashion advisor that he wanted to grow up fast and be a footballer playing for he's favorite club Chelsea. Amir's mother laugh,........ " Hahaha!!!!!!! You know lil kids always have those kinda imagination". The young lady replied back,.......... Oh! Keep on that good dream. Who knows it might come true. Just keep that as a motivation and work hard. Plus who knows your son might be the star for Malaysian soccer". He's mother just smile and say thank you. After that the young lady finally realize that if a lil boy like that have strong believe in he's dream so why not all of us. After all our muslim religion also though us about Qada and Qadar that is part of our Rukun Iman. Sbg hamba Allah S.W.T kite hanye mampu merancang and mengusahakan nyer but everything hanye Allah S.W.T yg tentukan. But although we still did not achieve our dream 100% right now it doesn't mean we are not gonna achieve it at all. So who knows what the future may bring. 

The young lady flash back her pass. Before this she've already achieve what she wants. As far as she remembers studying in overseas is also part of her dreams and she already achieved it. So now she knows that in this life there is nothing for her to give up. All she needs to do is just be thankful of what she is bless with, keep on motivated and believing, and work hard. Thanks to the lil boy, Amir for helping her in holding on to her dreams. Chatting with Amir is also like a ptunjuk to her that there is still hope for her to achieve her dreams in the future and she must not give up easily.

So to all my beloved friends especially rakan2 pjuangan,.........................pls keep on your good work and do not give up. Everyone in this world are born to do it! Same2 kite maju khadapan and achieve our dreams.................................HOLD ON TO YOUR DREAMS!


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