I'm Now 25!

EiYo amigas and amigos, its been 2 weeks since the last time i updated my blog. Sorry i've been super duper busy lately. In this new post i would like to share with you about my 25 birthday celebration. Well, yeah right.............. my birthday was 2 weeks ago (31 March). But since skrang i baru nak update my blog..................apsalah nyer i royak ngan you all now. Hehehe! Btw, i hope its now too late kan?

Ok,........on the 31 of March 2011 i turn 25. Huhuh! Dah tua dah aku. Eh! No! Age is just a number kate Kian Egan. Hehehe!!!!!!!!! On that day i mintak anual leave and diluluskan oley Mr Nicholas. So dpt la i spend my birthday with my beloved family. On my 25 birthday my mother gave me a Blackberry Curve mobile phone. Yay! I love it soooooooooo much. Skrang dah ade Blackberry snang i nak excess to twitter and fb. X perlu tunggu waktu free jer nak bukak laptop. That is one of the best prezzie i ever received. Thanx Mami! My father pulak gave me a stylish handbag brand Desigual (its a Spanish brand). Well dah 3 years bturut2 my father gave me handbags for my birthday. Mase 23 birthday dulu my father hadiahkan DKNY handbag, 24 birthday dulu Suzy Smith handbag. Huhuh! Handbags! Handbags! Well, what can i say.............i yg mintak. After all i memang handbag crazy and a collector person. I really love handbags!

Just after lunch time during my birthday,............my mother's friend, Auntie Noni and her daughter came to our house to deliver my birthday cake, teddy bear, and flowers. At first mase i sambut all the prezzie i agak tkezut jugak. I was like "OMG who is it from!". Then Auntie Noni kate my parents yg plan all this. Then i was like " Oh Wow!". Nasib baik bukan mane2 secret admired. Huhuh! The cake was really lovely and delicious. Its strawberry velvet with lotsa strawberry on it, a picture of a dress, and it writes there "Lotsa Love from Ayah and Mami". Nice! I love it! Then ade big teddy bear brand Russ skali. I named it Prof Geezal ( name after Mami and Ayah. Mami's nickname is Gee. Ayah's name is Azizal.) hehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Besides that ade pink roses skali. Sweet.

Afternoon around 5pm, Mami balik pade opiz............kiteorg sempat potong cake and have tea. After maghrib kiteorg trus btolak for my birthday dinner at Ibunda Restaurant. Ibunda Restaurant is a nice malay fine dinning restaurant situated at Jalan Bukit Bintang area. Its a nice restaurant to dine for. Makanan dia memang delicious. Yum3! Credits to the chef.

So thats how i celebrate my 25 birthday. Walopun simple but still nice and happy. Thanx to Mami and Ayah for the lovely celebration. At the same time me and my girls tengah plan a girls day out together someday. But now each of us busy with hal masing2. Insya'Allah there be a nice for us la soon or later. Even dulu plan nak celebrate birthday Madihah pun masih x tcapai. Sorry Maddie! Insya'Allah kite celebrate together later ok. Baru2 nie i pun ade plan nak meet up with my old pal Fiona since she contact me on my birthday hari tu. Huh.............lame bnar x jumpe. Sampai tempat keje the next day pulak ade lagi kzutan utk i. Bukak my locker ade a prezzie from my friend CT. Sweet! Thanx CT!

Well, ape lagi nak share? Thats all la for now. See you next time. Take care. XoXo!

Trimer delivery from Auntie Noni and her daugther on my birthday.

This is my 25 birthday cake. What do you think? Delicious!

With my new fuzzy pal.........Prof Geezal!

With Prof Geezal and my mother............ cutting my cake!

With Ayah!


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