Busy Career Women!

Hello guys and gals, sorry sudah agak lame kite x dek share any interesting topic together. What to do lol. I'm a super duper busy women now days. Sehari x leh dok relax lol. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!! Biase la.......... i keje kuat nie pun demi mase dpan and also part of my career. Well, lets share some interesting topic dlm mase yg singkat nie. Topic today is about being busy but looking good at the same time. Hehehehehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, tringat my conversation with one of my male friend last week. He said i nie muke x nampak ltih walopun busy and always looking good. Ceewah! Thats a compliment! Thanx! Macam mane pun syukur la kpd Allah S.W.T krn anugerah kan saye the energy and making me able to work harder for the future without any fitness excuse. Ikut ptua from one of the person that i admire, Datuk Siti Nurhaliza pun ptua nak jage kcantikan is to work hard. And i follow that. Memang btul kate Datuk Siti tu. Even for me pun............ bile i busy mesti i look better. Kalo i dok goyang kaki at home............i look really2 macam org x sudah lol. Huh!

Another way spy kite x nampak pnat walopun busy is that we must enjoy our work and profession, be cheerful, and always think positive. Confirm la muke x nampak pnat. Even bile time cuti pun jgn la amalkan diri dok tlentang atas katil or sofa jer. Do get something useful to do. Do your own project ker, bsukan or even brekriasi. Paling best bile free tu pegi la gym, main futsal, squash, tennis, aerobics, swimming ngan member2. Besides that do amalkan pmakanan yg sihat and seimbang. For me to stay fit i also amalkan honey, vitamins, fruits, veggie, and mineral water everyday. I do think that fruit give us energy to do our  work. Thats why i makan fruit everday sampai my boss pun nickname me Miss Buah. Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Mr Nicholas! Ok'lah all the topic for today. See you again next time. XoXo!

Strawberries..........my favorite fruit! Gives me energy and makes my smile looks brighter.

Honey every morning..............amalan i slalu!


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