Stilla Funky Bandana- Now Available!

Eiyo mates, sudah agak lame Neira Fadima Designs x kuar kan new products. Now the wait is over. In this new post i would like to introduce to you Stilla Funky Bandana, a new accessories line from Neira Fadima Designs. At the moment this funky bandanas are available in two colors- red and yellow. This bandanas are totally funky, groovy, and stylish. This bandanas are handmade and  also have it own beading designs that can help make you a 100% fashionista. However lets check out how this two lovely bandanas look like.........................

Stilla Funky Bandana Yellow

Wholla! This is the new Stilla Funky Bandana in yellow color. This bandana is nicely decorate with pink floral sequin and dark blue flat beads. This yellow bandana gives you a sweet, sunny, and stylish look. This yellow bandana is also easy to wear. So what are you waiting for? Grab it while it is still available. This Yellow Bandana is selling at the price of RM15.00. Its a good bargain! Hurry up! This bandana might make become the fashionista  you wish to be!

Stilla Funky Bandana Red

Red rhymes with hot, sexy, and stunning. Thats how you'll be when you have this red bandana on. This red color Stilla Funky Bandana will gives it wearer a sexy stylish look as it  is decorated with silver sequin and black beads. This sexy bandana can also be worn casual or for parties. This red bandana make your forehead shine stunningly. So what are you waiting for. Grab it while stock last. This red sexy beauty is only selling at RM12.00. Murah jer kan. Hurry up if you wanna be the center attraction among your galpals! Sape cpat dia dpt!

Ps: This Stilla Funky Bandanas are not just mend for girls who are free hair. Even girls yg btudung pun boley pakai. This bandana can also be worn as a groovy funky anak tudung for you girls. Check out the example i'm showing you here.......................

Well, thats all for now. I hope you girls like it and will purchase this bandanas that i've design myself. After this i will launch my new hair net collections. Pls don't forget to check it out too ok. Thats all from me. Kalo bminat with any of my designs pls hurry up! Sape cpat dia dpt! If you did not get what you want ............ you can also order and ask for custom made. Yeh! I do accept custom made. Just let me know what you wan ok. Kpd sesape yg bminat pls feel free to contact me at . XoXo!


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