Best Staff Lagi!

Ola everyone, tude bem? I hope the answer would be bomdia (good day in Portuguese) coz i ade interesting story to share with you all sumer Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Actually citer nie dah patut 2 weeks i've shared with you all. But what to do i'm really super duper busy.

Well last 2 weekends (28 May 2011) i dpt best staff lagi! YAY ME! Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! This time the reward was given to me by Miss Koon. I was rewarded best staff because of my quick speed and for being attentive to entrance security wise. Woah! Tq Miss Koon! That is a very good compliment. Syukur juge pade Allah S.W.T for giving me the talent and energy. Bukan snang you know. Huhuh! It has been quite a while since the last time i got best staff. The felling i totally great. I do fell appreciated and honour. Plus my friend, Auntie Sue siap puji i lagi dpan manager and friends lain lak tu. Tq Auntie Sue. ^_^

Ok'lah thats all i wanna share. Sorry x leh lame2 sgt di sini. I'm busy lol. Btw, just nak inform to all my readers that Stilla Funky Bandana the one in Yellow color sudah sold out. Tinggal red color jer. If interested pls pls pls hurry up while stock last. If you are still interested in other color..........pls feel free to let me know bout it ok.  I also accept tempahan. XoXo!


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