Kate Middleton's Wedding Gown.

Ola mates, this is a topic to share with all girls and fashion lovers. Ingat lagi x the royal wedding last April? Hmm,.............today kite nak borak sal Kate Middleton's wedding dress. Before the royal wedding all the press and medias are asking which designer will Kate picked to design her wedding gown. Some predicted will be Vera Wang since Vera is the queen of wedding dress designers. But at the end the new Princess picked a breathtaking Alexander McQueen gown for her royal wedding gown. Woah! It is really beautiful, elegant, and stunning. I ingat lagi mase tu sdang btwitter with some of my friends and fashionistas. We were taking about it. Mase tu plak Rizman and Ruzaini (two Malaysian duo designers) claim that the dress is similar to their design. Hahaha! Well in my own opinion the top memang ade ciri2 ala2 kebaye kit. Beautiful! Skrang dah byk bakal pengantin is dreaming to have their wedding gown like Kate's. Huhuh! Including me lah! But i bukan bakal pengantin. Insya'Allah suatu hari nanti la. I nak design my dress something like this. Hehehe!

Oh yeah, besides that i ade buat research that this beautiful dress that was designed by Sarah Burton ( head designer and creative director at Alexander McQueen). Besides that this gown was also handmade. Ramai dress makers yg involved. I ade tbace jugak that all the dress makers yg tlibat sumer nyer mesti basuh tangan stiap 30 minutes just to keep the fabric clean as always. Woah! Dasyat you! Even the satin shoes also was handmade by Mcqueen's team. Kate accessorized the custom look with a silk tulle veil and a Cartier tiara, which was lent to Kate by the queen. The bride wore diamond earrings, a gift from her parents, by Robinson Pelham, which were inspired by the Middleton family's new coat of arms. She carried a bouquet of myrtle, lily of the valley, sweet william, and hyacinth, all of which hold significance to the royal family and the Middleton family. Kate's sister, Pippa, also wore an ivory McQueen gown, and earrings from the same jeweler, and assisted the bride with her train. Kate met Prince William at the altar, where he whispered "you look beautiful" to his stunning future wife.

Baru2 nie dengar dlm E News pulak, singer Jessica Simpson akan tempah wedding gown yg lebih mahal and gempaq pade Kate Middleton's elegant gown. Boley lawan ker Jessi? Pereh la! However i think Jessica Simpson x boley punye lawan the royal wedding gown. In my opinion, Jessica Simpson pakai ape2 pun hempez becoz dia gedik! Bwek. Ok'lah amigas. Thats all. See ya later..................


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