K-razy Mania!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An nyoung ha seh yo my peepz, sorry sbab dah lame x online and share new interesting topics with you guys. What to do lol! Jadik fashion advisor nie memang busy giler. Hohoh! Today i nak share an interesting hot topics with you guys. I'm sure all of you are interested to share this topic especially if you guys is a Korean Mania person. Hahaha! Well, what can i say............... Korean  memang hot skrang! The Koreans are hot in almost everything......... music (K-Pop), tv series, movies, travel, fashion, technology,...............erm........... almost everything. 

Almost everyone is talking about Korean! Korean! Korean! Even i also have to admit that i pun skrang nie sudah kene demam Korea jugak. Hakhakhak! Sorry to all the people yg anti K-razy Mania. I'm in the group as well now. LOL! But sometimes i wonder............ape yg mnarik and hbat sgt tang Korea nie? Is it bcoz of the culture? Beautiful people? The country itself is amazing? Hmm...............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sbnar nyer byk bende yg mnarik about Korea and Koreans nie. If you watch their tv series and movies there are a lot to learn about Korean culture, lifestyle, and the country. Even jln citer their tv series pun nice. Most of the jln citer combines love, family, sadness, and even comedy at the same time. Plus most of the love scenes pun mile and simple. X sedasyat hollywood and bollywood movies. What i like about  Korean people is that they are not shy to be cheesy. Huhuh!

Even Korean music (K-Pop) also are nice to listen. Most K-Pop tunes are a mixture of pop and bubblegum music. Plus K-Pop also have lotsa hot singers, boybands, and girlbands. My favorite K-Pop boybands are Shinee, T-Max, FT Island, 2PM, 2AM, Beast. I also like girlbands like Girls Generation, 4 Minutes, Wonder Girls.

When you talk about fashion...............do you always imagine Paris, Milan, New York, London, and Tokyo? If you do please change it! Now when it comes to fashion people said Seoul! Yup! Seoul is No.1 in fashion ranking right now. Not just in Asia but  No.1 in the world! Woah! Even InStyle fashion writer pun sudah mention that Korean fashion is the new fashion age. I totally agree with the statement by looking at the way how the K-Pop artist and all the Korean movie stars dresses. I think they give a new age to the fashion world. The way they dress are totally different from what the Parisian, the Milanis wear. I think the Koreans are more funkier then the Parisian and the Milanis. One of Korean hottest fashion icons are Rain, Song Hye Kyo and Lee Min Jung. Even mens fashion in Korea are also super hot and stylish. If you wanna check out Korean Mens Fashion i suggest you to watch Boys Over Flowers. Gosh! I love the way the F4 boys dresses especially Kim Beom. Nanti i'll talk more about the fashion in BOF ok.

Sjak this K-razy Mania syndrome nie lagi ramai Malaysia gie travel Korea. Thats why Korean punyer tourism industry btambah maju. They promote their tourism industry by using their entertainment industry ( tv series, movies, K-Pop artist music video). I pun skrang pun put Korea as my No'1 country i wan to visit besides Dubai. Bile la nak sampai Korea ek? Huhuh! Even now the Americans and the Europeans pun dah giler K-Pop.  I wonder biler la Malaysian pulak nak maju................. Hmmmmmmm....................

Ok'lah, i got something to do now. See you next time ok. XoXo!

SHiNee.............one of K-Pop hottest boyband! Auww! So cute!

Boys Over Flowers..............Koreas hottest tv series.  Mens fashion memang hot dlm citer nie!

Lee Min Jung............ one of Koreas hottest fashion and beauty icon.


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