A Tourist and a Tour Guide in Putrajaya.

Ola amigas and amigos, i'm back again to tell you an interesting story about me and my friend, Indy from Portugal. FYI,..........Indy is the who gave me the nick name Fadima. Yup! She is one of my flat mate when we both were studying in Manchester. We both haven't met each other for 3 years already since we lived Wilmslow Park in summer 2008. Sudah agak lame kan? Wo!!!!!!!!! Time moves really fast. I miss her so much. She is such a great friend! Always fun, cool, and helpful. Lucky to have you as a flatmate Miss Indy! Hehehe!

Last July 9, Indy came to visit me and family in Malaysia. First we decided to take her for a visit in Kuala Lumpur (capital city of Malaysia), but unfortunately on that day happens to be a Bersih Rally in KL. So all the rode in KL has been block. Darn the Bersih Rally and bloody PKR people! Tahu nyusahkan org jer! Idiots! So we took Indy  to Cyberjaya and Putrajaya since there is quite peaceful on that day. Lucky Putrajaya and Cyberjaya also have a lot of things to see like the beautiful architecture buildings, bridges. After all Indy was only in Malaysia for one day. Huhuh! Although we did not visit KL we still do have a lot of fun  in Putrajaya. Putrajaya is a lovely place after all. On the night plak we took Indy for a dinner at a mamak restaurant in Bangi. Have i mention to you that my friend is an Indian Portuguese? Yeah right............she is. Indy haven't had any Indian dish for 6 months since she studied in Taiwan. So thats why my parents decide to take her for dinner at mamak so that she can taste some indian food. I'm sure she misses her traditional dish. Huhuh!

The next day, we've send Indy back to the Airport. Although Indy is only here for one day we still had a lot of fun together. It feels like she was here for a week. Hehehe! Trubat jugak la rindu pade Indy. Btw, thanx for visiting us in Malaysia Indy! Having you in Malaysia was a big pleasure. I hope you love the baju kurung i bought for you. You look lovely in it babe! I do hope Indy will visit Malaysia again in the future. Next time please come here longer. At least for 3 weeks. Then we both can go to all the interesting nice tourist places in Malaysia. Btw, me and Indy already plan our Malaysia vacation. Hahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!! When Indy visit Malaysia again in the future.............. i'm gonna take her to KL, Melaka, and all the lovely beaches in Malaysia. I know Indy likes beaches. Hehehe! Ok that all lol. Good night! Hehehe! ^_^

Me and Indy lepak at Putrajaya.

Lucky Putrajaya is such a lovely city!

Having dinner at mamak!

Roti Tisu.............Yum3!

Oh La La!!!!!!!!!!!!! A Portuguese in Baju Kurung................. LOVELY!


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