Berbuker With Pals At Kenny Rogers Roasters.

Heya buddies!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Macam mane puase? Looks like dah one dah kite pause. Syukur. Besides amal ibadah............bulan puase is also a month where kite try to reunite back with our dear love ones. Sblum nie masing2 tlalu busy ngan keje masing2 sampai x sempat nak bmesra with family, go enjoy with beloved friends. So bulan puase nie la time nyer. Friends,.............dah ker anda buker same with family and friends? Kalo blum try la to set up a date to buker together at any special place during this beautiful month ok.

Well, smalam me and my buddies buker together at Kenny Rogers Roasters Mid Valley. Nice! I had a lot of fun buker with Iza and Id. At first we (me and Iza) planned nak buker ngan all girls. We've invited Madihah, Fiza, and Raden. Tapi sayang 3 of them cannot come because of busy and having problem with transportation. So Iza invited her guy pal, Id. Erm,...........i dah knal Id sblum nie. Last year mase kami berbuker at Secret Recipe Alamanda, Id ade join kiteorg skali. So this is the second time la i jumpe Id. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!! Btw, we are lucky to get a place at KRR. Bulan puase sblum nie kiteorg dah slalu dah plan nak buker kat KRR tapi always fully booked. Lucky smalam ade tempat. Tu pun dah agak limited gak seat. Lucky us! Sdap jgak buker kat Kenny Rogers. The chicken taste good lol.  Drink pun sdap. So everything berbaloi lol yesterday.

Berbuker at Kenny Rogers Rosters with my friends yesterday was great. We've had fun! Me and my friends every year puase mesti ade one day kiteorg will plan for a buker puase date together. So yesterday was our buker puase date la. However i still wish Madihah, Fiza, and Raden dpt dtg yesterday. But what to do? Mase x mengizinkan lol. Aigoo2! Hopefully next time dpt la Madihah, Fiza, and Raden join kiteorg buker together. Ok'lah,.......... tu jer nak share. See you next time. ^_^

Me and Iza waiting for the train at Serdang KTM Station.

Dah time berbuker babe!

Me, Iza, and Id at KRR Mid Valley! Weehee!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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