Sarang! Sarang!

An nyung ha seh yo my dear peepz? How are you all doin? Dah one and a half week i x compose new post kan. Well, i just got back from my Korean vacation. Sbab tu title this post is called "Sarang! Sarang!". Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!! Yup! Nak share with you all sumer about my vacation at  Jeju and Seoul................

Beautiful Jeju Island ( 13 Dec- 15 Dec 2011)

On the 12 Dec 2011, me and family btolak from KLIA to Incheon International Airport, Seoul, South Korea. But instead of going to Seoul first, kiteorg fly to Jeju dulu. On the 13 Dec early in the morning, our plane mdarat kat Incheon International Airport. Then we took a bus ride to Gimpo Airport. Then we fly to Jeju. At Jeju we've stayed at The Suite Hotel. The hotel is very nice, cozy, and lovely. I really love my room. Too bad we've only stayed there for 2 nights. We should have stayed there longer. At Jeju we've visited Teddy Bear Museum, Chocolate Museum, and also Lotte Duty Free. Visiting Teddy Bear Museum was really fun. We've got to learned the history of teddy bear. Gosh! The Korean people really love this fuzzy babies. Hehehe! I pun giler teddy bear jgak. Teddy bear memang cute plus there are the symbol of no loneliness. Actually Teddy Bear Museum ade byk kat South Korea. But we choose to visit the one in Jeju bcoz it is the oldest. So bbaloi la. Visiting Chocolate Musuem also was quite fun. Macam2 jnis choclate dipamirkan including Malaysian chocolate pun ade. Shopping at Lotte Duty Free was quite nice too. Kiteorg x beli byk sgt. I just bought Etude House BB Cream since it is very much cheaper compare to Malaysian price. Huhuh! 

Me.......... trying a Korean dish. Bulgogi in mulberry. Agak susah tau nak makan dish nie.

Picnic with the teddies at Teddy Bear Museum.

With two new fuzzy friends! ^_^

Chocolate Museum. ^_^

Meeting Kim Hyun Joong at Lotte! Hehehe!

My Soul In Seoul (15 Dec-22 Dec 2011)

On the 15 of Dec 2011, we've fly from Jeju to the capital city-Seoul! Yahoo! Seoul is really a big, hi-tech, and modern city. Sane byk bangunan tinggi2. The city is really well develop. At Seoul, we've stayed at Fraser Place. The hotel is in the middle of the city. From our hotel room we can see Namsan Tower. The famous tower in Seoul. Thats were the shot Boys Over Flowers. Hehehe!!!!!!!! Opps!!!!!!!!!! Awan Dania pun ade shot kat situ gak . Huhuh! The next day we went shopping at Nademon Market. Kat sane byk barang boley bargain. I bought a new winter jacket since it was really cold in Seoul. My leather jacket x cukup lol!

 The next day we've visited Iteawon and Namsan Tower. Kat Iteawon byk Korean muslims. So kat sane byk la halal restaurant. Sampai jer kat Iteawon kiteorg singgah the famous mosque dulu for solat. At the mosque we've meet a lot of muslim people from Korea, Arab, and also Malaysian. Kami sempat bkenalan dgn a Korean muslim boy name Habibullah Lee. He is only 18 years old. Alamak! Jauh lagi adik pade i. X leh ngorat la. Huhuh! Habibullah just converted to muslim last year. He said he discovers islam from music. Syukur. Macam2 hidayat Allah S.W.T kat manusia. We also sempat bkenalan dgn a Malaysian couple- Encik Alwi, and Pn Rozita. We had lunch together and sempat bborak sal travel, politics,and isue2 social.  After we done at Iteawon, we went to Namsan Tower. Wo! I was feeling really excited. Memang mase kat Malaysia lagi i dah sibuk nak gie Namsan Tower. Namsan Tower was just a simple place. Tempat tu hanye menarik dgn concept "Sarang" (love) jer. To yg buat NT famous. Byk young couple suke lpak sane.At Namsan we can also see the city of Seoul. Wo! Sungguh x sangke! Seoul is  bigger than i though! Lbih bsar pade London lol. Rase nyer sbulan x cukup nak tsrempak ngan kawan. At Namsan Tower also i sempat buat like what most tourist do. Tinggalkan hati di sane. Yay! Yup! I tinggalkan my kunci mangga at the dinding pagar. I mark it as my heart. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the third day at Seoul we've visited Lotte shopping mall. Kat sane x de byk bende pun nak shop. Kiteorg singgah Uniqlo and bought some Heat Tech (Uniqlo's long john). Morning tu kiteorg bangun lambat bcoz tlalu ltih panjat Namsan Tower. Huhuh!

On the fourth day, we've visited the Palace of Seajong. Yup! Thats where The Great Kings of Korea used to to leave. The palace was really beautiful.Plus we were very lucky that time. Kiteorg sampai tu diaorg tengah prepare for the changing of the guard ceremony. So dpt la kiteorg tengok. Best! The palace plak dkat dgn Blue House (where the President of Korea lives). The Blue House is behind the palace. So dpt kiteorg tengok Blue House skali. Thats where they've shot City Hunter. Kbtulan plak the day kiteorg visit the Palace and Blue House is the death of North Korea's President. So byk la police and security on the streets. Kat palace tu juge kiteorg sempat visit the National Korean Folk Museum. NKFM memang best giler. Byk bende yg kite boley blaja tang Korea and Koreans. Budaya, adat, sejarah. Memang interesting. Balik pade palace, we've decided to walk to our hotel bcoz kiteorg nak tengok Seoul city during night. Org kate bandar Seoul cantik waktu malam. Well it is true!

The next day kiteorg visit Ewha Womens University. The university was very awesome. Campus dia memang cantik giler. Rase sronok kalo dpt blaja kat sane. Tringin pula nak sambung Masters sane. But no money no talk la. Ngehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kat Ewha cumer girls saje yg blaja. It is a University founded by Helen Kim during 1886. Lame tu! The University is special for girls. Ptang tu kiteorg pegi shopping at Dodemon Market and visited the man made stream where they've shot Happy Women.

On our second last day, we visited the Kimchi Museum. Kimchi Museum x la bsar sgt. It only tells us the history of kimchi, macam mane care buat kimchi, plus we can also taste different kinds of kimchi. Tapi sayang we cannot take kimchi class. It is only for local people jer. Ado! Not fair lol! I tringin nak blaja buat kimchi. Besides that we've also shop at Seoul Lotte Duty Free.

On our last day, kiteorg x ke mane2. Just busy packing. Around 12 kiteorg trus btolak ke Incheon Airport. Alahai! Cpat nyer mase blalu. Kjap jer nak balik dah. Wish i can stay in Seoul longer. Huhuh! However, it was a good vacation. I've really enjoyed my vacation in Seoul. Kalo dberi pluang i tringgin nak visit Seoul and Jeju lagi.  Ok'lah, thats all for now. Smoge jumpe lagi. Sarangheyo!

With Choi Min Ho of Shinee! ^_^

With Habibullah Lee and Omoni at the mosque in Iteawon.

At Namsan Tower!

Jeng3! Ini dia the key to my heart. I tinggalkan kat Namsam Tower. Cube la carik kalo visit Namsan yer.

Changing of the guards.

Me with one of the guards. Gosh! Garang nyer muke ajishi nie.:P

Ini lah dia Blue House! ^_^

Statue King Seajong.

Ewha Womens University.

The stream...............nyaman!

Pelbagai jnis kimchi at Kimchi Museum.

Seoul city at night.


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