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Hey guys, its been a week since the last time i've posted. Well, i busy buat keje coding with BFF, Madihah spanjang early last week. Nie pun i baru jer finish the work last 2 days. Agak tired la jgak. However it is a good experience. Actually kiteorg tolong my mother, and her friend, Auntie Dah for keje coding nie. Its UKM( Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia) nyer project for Finas. Most of the article yg kiteorg code tu are  on  films. Well, i post this blog its not to share bout my experince buat coding. Although this is my first time buat this kinda work. Well ade satu article dlm my file yg mnarik phantian i. It is about "supporting local films".

In the article, the writer was saying that skrang nie kite dah kembali tu zaman kgemilangan cinema melayu although ade some local films yg kurang mdpt sambutan pade fans. The writer also mention that there are some local films yg quality nyer bloeh tahan and jln citer agak mnarik jgak tapi films tu x dpt sambutan hangat pade fans because of fans attitude towards local movies. Its true that a lot of Malaysian nowdays prefer to watch  Hollywood and foreign movies at cinema. Malay film cume tunggu tayangan Astri First saje kate nyer. Huhuh!!!!!!!!!!!! They are also some Malaysian who said they rase malu pegi cinema tengok local films. Ayo! Why? But in reality memang ade yg cakap camtu. Some of  them are also my friends. Huhuh! Sorry ar didn't mean to piss off any of you. :P In my opinion that should not be! I think Malaysian should support local films at cinema. Movie2 melayu pun ade juge keistimewaan nyer sendiri. X de kurang nyer pade film2 Hollywood.

The writer also suggest that movie fans should change their cinema attitude. Jgn tlalu negative kat Malay movies. Buke sikit pemikiran anda. I agree with the writer lol. After all.............local movie industry is also our economy lol! So to all my dear friends yg suke sgt gie cinema tu.............tengok la and support la juge local movies. Jgn lah asyik dok pikir movie2 melayu nie mjatuhkan statust anda. You are not low class if you watch malay movie. But you are contributing to your own country. Bukan saje local movie yg you all kene support tau.................but all other local brand skali! Fashion line! Cosmetics! Foods! Cars! Everything la yg brand local. Jgn pandang rendah kat our own country. Hanye kite jer rakyat Malaysia yg boley mbantu negara kite sendiri. So pls remember tau. Ok'lah, thats all. Hope to see you next time. Take care and love ya! ^_^

Proton Satria Neo.........our very own 2 door sports car! Proton is the first brand for national car.

Upin&Ipin............our very own famous animation twins. Already famous at Disney Chanel.

Ombak paling hot at local cinema mase kini.

Local skin care product...........Alaisyah!

Me wearing a dress i bought at Nichie. See............i support local brand! So why can you?


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