You are AWESOME!

He didn’t want to become the sun, but he shone brightly

Hey all, here's a story of a boy who is destiny to be awesome, although he never though he will be.............

Long, long time ago there was a Prince who people believed to be a curse child (there were so many blood shed and bloody events during the day he was born). Even his mother hated him. Growing up, the Prince always believed that he brings bad luck to everyone.

But what the Prince doesn't know is that he is destiny to be King.

Yes! He did became the fourth King of his dynasty. At the age of 25 the boy ascended the thrown. He ruled the kingdom for 26 years. He become a great king. During his range the king enacted a series of laws to centralize the power of the state in order to establish a stable government, weaken the power of the local lords, and liberate slaves and return them to commoner status. He was also the first king to established a system of civil service examinations to select talented scholars for government posts.

The King that is mention above is none other than King Gwangjong of Goryeo Dynasty, original name Prince So.

So my dearies, memang lah selama kita hidup nie kekdng kita ada jer terasa inferior or kurang dgn diri kita nie. Sama lah spt saya. Kekdng saya juga ada rasa malu dgn kelemahan saya. Tetapi saya percaya Allah S.W.T maha pengasih, maha penyanyang, maha adil. Semua manusia di anugerahkan kelebihan dan juga diberi dugaan kekurangan. Kekurangan tulah satu benda yg kita perlu improve and atasi. Bukan utk berasa inferior ok. 

Kalo tetiba terasa inferior dgn kekurangan diri ingat,...........THERE IS ALWAYS A REASON WHY WE ARE BORN IN THIS WORLD! 

And yes, everyone is BORN TO BE AWESOME!

Ps: Motivation for my dear ones, friends, and even myself ^_^


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