My UK Adventure: London (Part 1)

Hey Love (Cewah! Speaking British la plak) ^_^

Rasanya dah lebih sebulan setengah dah kan saya x update blog ini. Travel Diaries pun dah lama x update. Ok, let's not waste time and get started. In the this new post i wanna share with you about My United Kingdom adventure. Yup, on the end of January - early February i've traveled to London and Manchester. It's been a long time since i left UK. I've studied in Manchester during 2007-2009. Sejak balik tu memang dah x turun lagi ke UK. Huhuhu.............

Let's get kickin London!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

30 January 2017: KLIA/ Heathrow Airport

Boarding to Heathrow Airport. WeeHoo!!!!!!!!

On the 30 of January 2017, me and family took Malaysia Airlines MH 4 to Heathrow Airport London. It took us 13 hours to reach our destination. Fuyoh! Lama giler! Saya pun dah lama x naik flight yg panjang macam ini. Dah lama saya x travel to the west. However, the flight was good. Syukur Alhamdulillah we were provided with good and friendly service from the steward and stewardess. 

31 January 2017 : Camden Market/ Emirates Stadium

Camden Market! The best place to shop for affordable souvenirs 

Camden Market! I love this place!

Camden Market. This place is very interesting

Watching Arsenal Vs Watford live at Emirates Stadium! Yeay! Tapi cayang nyer Arsenal kalah :'(

On our first day in London, we didn't do anything much because we were quite tired from the long hours flight. Tambah dgn jetleg lagi, kami pun bangun lambat la hari tu. We begin our London adventure with shopping and bersiar-siar at Camden Market. Camden Market is a shopping district where you can shop for affordable London souvenirs (like London T-Shirts, fridge magnets, key chains, postcards, etc) for yourself, love ones, and friends. Besides just shopping or even window shopping, Camden Market is also a good place to do your photography project because this district is quite artistic. Most of the store, shop houses, and buildings there are decorated in a very artistic, imaginative, and interesting way.

In the afternoon, we when to Emirates Football Stadium at North London to watch Arsenal vs Watford live. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! It was my first experience watching a football match live at one of Premier League's top team. The experience was awesome. Memang happening and meriah giler!!!!!!!!!! The best thing is we also get a chance to see our favorite footballer live. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Tringat pulak zaman diploma dulu- most girls had crush on footballers ^_^) I did get the chance to record Petr Cech before match practice live. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!! Kalo nak tengok boley follow my IG: @mughunghwa. Tapi cayang sekali Arsenal kalah 1-2 dgn Watford :'( Sob2! Tapi macam mana pun experience nyer tetap berbaloi-baloi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

1 February 2017 : Emirates Stadium/ Poppies Fish & Chips/ Kensington Street

Emirates Stadium again! Kali nie just to snap pics and shopping

Poppies Fish & Chips.  This is one of the best Fish & Chips restaurant in London

Meeting my Portuguese friend, Indy at Kensington Street

On our second day in London, we went to the Emirates Stadium again. But this time is for snapping pics and shopping for Arsenal souvenirs. My Abeoji and Eomoni memang peminat tegar Arsenal. Kalo gie London x sah x turun Emirates Stadium. Kalo kat The Armoury (Emirates Stadium souvenir store) la baru nampak Abeoji shopping sakan. Shopping for Arsenal stuffs. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Abeoji saya bukan nyer shopaholic. Sebagai peminat baru Arsenal saya juga membeli cap, Arsenal changing room sign yg saya nak gantung kat bilik opiz, and chocolate. Keukeu!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No longer and MU fan since CR7 is no longer there. 

During the afternoon, we had early dinner at Poppies Fish & Chips. Poppies Fish & Chips is one of the best fish & chips restaurant in London. Apa yg baik lagi Poppies Fish & Chips nie x dek beer batter fish nyer. Most fish & chips in UK are beer batter. So this one is muslim friendly. Fyi, Poppies Fish & Chips nie pun is highly recommended in 'Have Halal Will Travel' (HHWT) - one of the best travel blog for muslim travelers like moir.

Selesai dinner, we went to Kensington Street to meet my Portuguese friend, Amrita Rachood a.k.a Indy. Indy was my flatmate during my first year in Manchester. She is from Lisbon, Portugal. She is now working in London. It's been more then five years since the last time i met Indy. Indy is one of the coolest and lovely person i ever know. I'm bless to have Indy as my friend. Malam tu kami x lepak jauh pun. Just at Kensington Street drinking hot chocolate at Pret A Manger (one of UK's top healthy fast food cafe- love it there! Thanx for introducing Pret a Manger to me Indy. Wish we have this kind of fast food outlet in Malaysia).

2 February 2017: The Phantom Of The Opera/ The Majestic Theatre/ MnM Store/ Convent Garden

Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! Tercapai juga impian saya nak tengok The Phantom of The Opera live! Tqvm Eomoni <3 font="">

In The Majestic Theatre waiting for the Mysterious Mr Phantom

MnM Store

MnM Store. One of the cutest store i've been to

I love this MnM Store a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The third day was one of the best day for my UK adventure. Syukur Alhamdulillah akhirnya tercapai juga impian saya nak tengok The Phantom Of The Opera live at The Majestic Theatre (situated on Haymarket in the city of Westminster London). Thanx to my Eomoni. Kami memang peminat broadway. The show was spectacularly brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were lucky Ben Forster (British famous broadway actor and singer) was the Phantom. Ben Forster was excellent during the show. And that British Indian actor whom played Raul is a dreamboat <3 keukeu="" p="">

On the same day we went for shopping and window shopping at Leicester Square and Convent Garden. At Leicester Square we went to MnM Store. Bila sebut MnM mesti korang sumer pikir tang chocolate kan? Well, opcuz la MnM is one of chocolate famous brands. Saya pun penggemar MnM juga. Tapi MnM Store nie bukan sahaja jual chocolate tau. But also sells MnM merchandise like t-shirt, clothes, fashion accessories, plush toys, dining stuffs, etc. The ambiance of the store is very happening, bright, cheerful, and happy go lucky. Visual merchandising dia memang awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! So colorful. 

Lepas abis show, we went to Convent Garden sebab saya nak carik Lulu Guinness store. Ada bagpack Lulu Guinness yg saya berkenan and memang target to get it. And yes.............mission accomplished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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