My UK Adventure: London (Part 1.2)

Ok, tanpa membuang is the part 1.2 of my UK adventure-London............

3 February 2017: Museums Tour

British Natural History Museum

Victoria & Albert Museum

British Science Museum

The fourth day in London is a Museums Day Tour for us. We've visited three museums - British Natural History (BNH), Victoria & Albert Museums (V&A), and British Science Museum (BSM). At BNH we get to see and learn a lot of about the earth minerals, precious stones, dinosaur fossils, etc. While at V&A, we were lucky time tu ada fashion exhibition. We got to see and learn about the history of fashion. I used to be in fashion in industry before. So i love fashion. Although sekarang saya sudah tidak bersama industry fashion lagi but i still love fashion. AT BSM we got see a lot of human inventions. I love visiting museums and art galleries. Kalo travel x sah x visit museums and art galleries. Memang dah jadik kegemaran ^_^

4 February 2017: Tower Of London

Tower of London

Tower of London

On our fifth day, we visited the Tower of London.  Tower of London is a historical castle. The tower has serve as an armoury, treasury, menagerie, the home of the Royal mint, and public record office, and the place for crown jewel. Besides getting the chance to learn about English Royal History, you can also snap shot spectacular pics at the Tower of London. You can also see the Tower Bridge and take a cruise ride at the nearby area.

5 February 2017: Cath Kidston/Fortnum & Maison/ Park Lane

Cath Kidston. Is one 'the must' in London

Lunch at ItSu!

Kedai Mini Cooper at Park Lane. I wish i can bring home this baby!

On our last day in London (on the 6 of Feb dah naik train ke Manchester), we went shopping at Cath Kidston flagship store at Piccadilly, St. James Street. According to Eomoni's friend, Cath Kidston stuffs in a 'must bring home' if you visit London. Cath Kidston is a British brand. The brand carries handbags, fashion stuffs including clothes, dining stuffs, etc. Masuk kedai tu memang trus rambang mata! Hampir sumer berkenan. I did got myself a Cath Kidston handbag with bird and floral print on it that i love so much! After Cath Kidston, we went to Fortnum & Maison (F&M). F&M is a luxury department store like Harrods. Baru first time saya kenal F&M. Sebelum x pernah pun tengok. But the store is very beautiful dlm dia. Kalo x shopping pun just window show dlm tu pun jadi lah. Just to get the experience. Lepas F&M, we had lunch at ItSu. ItSu is another healthy fast food outlet like Pret A Manger.  Cumer ItSu nie sells Japanese food. Same franchise pun. Hehehe!

After lunch, we went to Park Lane. Just to bersiar-siar and cuci mate tengok keter2 mewah di sana. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Antara kedai2 keter mewah di Park Lane - Mini Cooper, BMW , etc.

Ok'lah that's all for the part 1.2  of my UK adventure. Insya'Allah soon saya akan sambung lagi kisah adventure saya di Manchester pula. So pls STAY TUNE!

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