BOOK REVIEW: Legendary Princesses of Malaysia


Alhamdulillah back so soon ^_^ Dah lama rasanya saya x tulis book review kan. If i still remember the last book review i post was 'Sayang Awak Mr Bear' a novel by Rose Eliza. Wow!!!!!!!!!!! That was 3 years ago. Dah kejer nie memang dah jarang baca novel. Kalo baca pun x dpt nak abiskan sbab busy sgt. Macam mana pun bersyukur juga baru2 nie saya berjaya menghabiskan novel 'The Little Prince' by Antoine de Saint Exupery. Now i'm currently reading 'Crazy Rich Asians' a novel by Kevin Kwan (soon akan ada movie and Henry Golding will be staring as Nick Young. Yum! Excited saya for the movie ^_^). Insya'Allah saya dpt membaca novel ini sehingga tamat.

Ok, in this entry i'm not gonna review to you about The Little Prince or Crazy Rich Asian. But i'm gonna share a review with you on a children's book title 'Legendary Princesses Of Malaysia' (LPOM). LPOM features tales of 10 princesses from our homeland, Malaysia. Some of the princesses in this book are mythical, and some were real historical figures. Princesses feature is this book are Princess Gunung Ledang, Princess Cik Siti Wan Kembang of Kelantan, Princess Saadong, Princess Hang Li Po, Princess Santubong & Princess Sejinjang, Princess Ulek Mayang, Princess Walinong Sari, Princess Zaleha of Kedah, Princess Bidasari, and Tun Fatimah of Melaka

LPOM is written by Raman, an Indian grandfather who likes to make up stories for his two lovely granddaughters. Besides interesting tales of Malaysian princesses this book is also equip with beautiful and marvelous illustrations from Malaysian upcoming and very talented illustrator, Emila Yusof. I'm now a fan of Emila Yusof art works. It's the illustrations of this book that attracts me to purchase a copy. I also love doing illustrations especially illustration on girls and princesses. The reason i purchase LOPM is because the illustration by Emila Yusof brings me a lot of inspiration to continue doing illustration again. Saya nie dah lama x melukis sebenar nyer :P I also sometimes love to read children books. I know it's funny for a women in early 3 series to read children books right. But children books does give me warm feeling and it is also good for light reading.

Although LPOM is a children story book, but to me it is also suitable for adults to purchase for themselves. Especially those who love arts. This book is highly recommended for those who love arts and doing illustrations. Besides art lovers, this book is also highly recommended for women who love and grew up with princesses tales. Most of us grow up with Disney Princesses like Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Ariel the Little Mermaid. So why not take an opportunity to learn about our own princesses. 

LPOM is publish by Oyez! Book Store. Harga senaskah buku LPOM is RM28. X mahal pun kan. Kpd sesapa yg nak purchase LPOM ini link nyer, LEGENDARY PRINCESSES OF MALAYSIA 

Ok, that's all and enjoy your one day break ^_^

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