REVIEW: Eilnaz Mascara

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It is already the third of Syawal today. How's raya? Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^

A friend of my mine, Miss Ezlin Abdul Halim recently launched her own cosmetic brand -Eilnaz Cosmetics. Eilnaz Cosmetics first product is Eilnaz Mascara. So in this latest post, i'm gonna share with you guys my review on Eilnaz Mascara.

Eilnaz mascara is made of organic ingredients- organic glycerin, tapioca-starch, microcrystalline cellulose (plant derive), and castor oil (vitamin B). This mascara is suitable for sensitive skin (one of the point i like about Eilnaz mascara).  Eilnaz mascara is one of the best mascara i have tried. It is smudge free, easy to apply, and also easy to create a dramatic natural look. My eyelashes are quite short. Applying this mascara makes my eyelashes look dashing. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Eilnaz mascara is also very light texture. It doesn't make your eyes feel thick and bulky. For those yg baru nak blajar pakai eye make-up or jarang pakai eye make-up macam saya nie (I only do eye make-up for events), i would recommend you to try Eilnaz mascara. The light texture of this mascara won't give irritation to your eyes. Eilnaz mascara can be worn everyday at office, or during your chilling out moments with pals. Another point that i like most about Eilnaz mascara is that it is wudhu friendly. I don't need to use make-up remove to remove it. I can just use water. Plus this mascara is also easy to remove. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thumbs up to Eilnaz Mascara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Another information on Eilnaz mascara is that this product has been tested with metal contaminants by SIRIM QAS International. So this mascara is yakin selamat untuk digunakan ok. Kepada sesiapa yang berminat nak try Eilnaz Mascara ini, you go to the official website to check it out, or you can also go to their Instagram page @eilnazcosmetics.

Ok'lah that's i wanna say about Eilnaz Mascara. Overall this product is awesome and i'm giving it 10/10 rating. To my dear friend, Ezlin, i wish you all the best of luck in your career and Eilnaz Cosmetics. Saya mendoakan semoga satu hari nanti Eilnaz Cosmetics akan jadik brand yg popular and masyuk di Malaysia and the world. Insya'Allah. Aamiin. Oh yeah, before i forgot... Eilnaz Cosmetics is a Malaysian brand cosmetic. Eilnaz Cosmetics is made and produce in Malaysia. So here's a message to beauty lovers in Malaysia - SUPPORT EILNAZ COSMETICS, SUPPORT MALAYSIA! YAY! 

Ok, thank you ^_^ Have an awesome blessing month of Syawal ^_^

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