Why I Prefer Asian Beauty More Than Western Beauty


this post is base on an article i wrote for my opiz annual magazine...............

Every race is given their own uniqueness and beauty. That’s why beauty is a subjective matter.  And as for me, I prefer Asian beauty more then Western beauty. But however I’m not being bias just because I’m a Malaysian and also an Asian. Besides Malaysia, I have stayed in America for five years and studied in Manchester for two years. I’ve met and make friends with different kind of races. Although most of the people I’ve met have their own uniqueness, but still I always see Asian people are the most attractive.

Asian people are born with different looks because we have different races such as Malay, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Siamese, Indonesian, Indians, and many more. And all of these races posses their own beauty. Example, the oriental people (Chinese, Korean, and Japanese) emphasized milky pale skin, small cat-like eyes, pink cherry lips, and straight natural eyebrows. While people in the South East-Asia continent (Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines) are more exotic with tan yellowish skin.  This is what I like most about Asian people.

Besides, there are also a lot of mix races in Asia nowadays. There are Pan-Asians people (Asian mix with Caucasian) and there are also Asian mix people (example Malay mix with Chinese or any other Asian races). These people have different kinds of looks and beauty.

Another thing that I like about Asia beauty is that it emphasizes natural look. Asian people are on the soft side when it comes to putting on make-up compare to the westerners. Asian people prefer a more natural look that often consist of light foundation or BB cream, black eye liner, mascara, and lip stick.  Compare to Western people, they prefer bold make up.

Besides just looks, I believe that Asian unique culture and heritage also plays an important role in making Asian people more attractive then the westerners such as our traditional garments, arts, literature, and traditions.

And that’s all my comment on Asian beauty. Thank you.

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