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Salam tahun baru dan salam satu Malaysia dear friends and readers. How was your new year celebration last night? Sronok ker? Syukur Alhamdulillah kerana telah diberi peluang to write my 2017 highlights. Syukur Alhamdulillah my 2017 bermula dengan baik dan berakhir dengan baik. 2017 had been a great year for me although seperti biasa i still face up and downs. Sama juga dengan tahun2 yg sblum nyer, during 2017 i did learn to be a wiser person (yekeh? hahaha!), learn new knowledge, gain new experience, make new friends, travel to foreign countries, and travel in Malaysia. 

Ok'lah, let's not waste time and check what i have achieve in 2017................

Travel To Foreign Countries

My 2017 travel diaries begin with my adventure in London/ end of January 2017

From London, we took a train ride to Manchester - my alma mater! Yay!!!!!!!!!!

At Sydney Tower with Kak Ema on early March 2017

At Osulloc Tea House Jeju during the end of August 2017

My hanbok experience at Namsan Park, Seoul during September 2017

During 2017, i've traveled to 3 different countries/ 5 different cities - England (London & Manchester), Australia (Sydney), and South Korea (Jeju Island & Seoul). These cities aren't new to me. I've visited these cities before. To me the most memorable vacation of 2017 has to be Manchester. Manchester is my alma mater. I used stayed in Manchester for 2 years while doing my Bachelors Degree at Manchester Metropolitan University. So it's a memory lane vacation for me. Thanx to my Abeoji and Eomoni for making the vacation memorable. 

Insya'Allah i wish to travel more in 2018 to new countries.  My target is Turkey, Bosnia, Moscow, Ireland, and Insya'Allah kalo diberi rezeki saya mahu menunaikan ibadah umrah bersama parents tercinta. Besides i also wish to travel to the east coast of America - New York, Boston in 2018.

Travel In Malaysia

Angry Birds Park at Komtar Mall, Johor Bahru in Dec 2017

Melaka the historical city. Dec 2017.

Besides traveling overseas, i also did travel locally - Johor Bahru and Melaka. In fact, kami baru jer tadi balik dpd Melaka. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow! It's amazing to see how JB has transform into a cosmopolitan city. Seriously, JB lagi happening dpd KL now. Almost like Seoul. Thanx to my bff- Reiko Diana for the girls day out in JB. I really had fun with you hanging out at Paradigm Mall and chit chating about our travel experiences during the car ride. Melaka is very touristy and historical. It's fun to travel locally. Cuti2 Malaysia memang oh-sem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Experience and Learn New Things

Wall Climbing!  I really wanna scream and cry. I tot i'm gonna die up there.

Yeay!!!!!!!!! Archery! It's been a long while since i've last tried archery. I got a few bulls eye. Not bad eh. Heheheh!!!!!!!!!!!!

In 2017, i also got the chance to tried zumba. It is really a good exercise.

During 2017, the new thing i experience and learn is more on sport activities. In 2018, i wish to learn multimedia and webtoon design. Plus i wanna master more my third language skills -French and Korean. Insya'Allah. I would also like to take archery as my sports activity since i like it a lot.

New Hobbies

Cycling is really a good hobby

My hobby of 2017 - drawing and illustration!

Another of my illustration ^_^

Voilla!!!!!!!!!!! Ball point shading illustration by moir ^_^

Actually cycling, drawing illustration isn't really a new hobby to me. Before this i used to love cycling and drawing illustration. Sebab nyer saya dah lame x naik basikal and melukis. So sebab tu lah benda ala nie bagaikan hobby baru utk saya. It's a revive of my old hobbies. Besides cycling and drawing illustrations, i also started to twinkling on the piano and karaoke again during 2017. Sumer ini adalah hobby2 lame saya yg dah lame saya x buat. It's nice to start my old hobbies again. Now, i'm always occupy at home. Kalo kalian sumer notice i also started to write about food and beauty reviews via my blog. Writing review on food and beauty is also something new to me. Before this i x pernah tulis sal food and beauty via my blog. Hope you guys enjoy reading the reviews. Hehehe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tqvm to Bright Side, Wanista for the source. In 2017, i've also started drawing life comics about myself. Drawing comics is really a fun hobby. It helps you to reduce your stress.

Make New Friends

With Azie- my new partner in crime! She is one of the coolest person i make friends with last year. She is an amazing person.

My bff- Reiko Diana introduce me to Lay (fox mask) and Nuverah (red barret). They are cool!

As usual, every year i make new pals. Making new friends has always been my new year resolution every year. To me it is important to networking. Insya'Allah this year i will meet more new people and make friends with them. Kpd kawan2 yg saya baru kenal tahun nie- terima kasih kerana sudi berkenalan dan berkawan dgn saya. Insya'Allah our friendship will improve in 2018 and semoga our friendship berkekalan ke akhir hayat. You guys are awesome ^_^

So itulah dia yg saya achieve and experience during 2017. X sbyk gt saya nak share. Overall 2017 had been an amazing year for me. Syukur Alhamdulillah. Insya'Allah 2018 will be another blessing year for all of us. 

Oh ya, besides sharing what i achieve and experience in 2017, i would also like to share with you guys my resolution and what i wish to achieve in 2018. So here it is..............

ADDITIONAL: My 2018 Resolution

1) Be a better and wiser person (A MUST)
2) Make New Friends (A MUST)
3) Learn new knowledge and experience new things (A MUST)
4) Travel more to foreign countries especially negara2 yg saya target itu. (A MUST)
5) Learn multimedia and webtoon (Insya'Allah. I need to get a Waacom. You need to put Waacom as a priority. Setiap kali nak beli Waacom ada jer benda lain yg ko grab dulu. Ahax!)
6) Polish third language skills - my french and korean (Insya'Allah)
7) Make archery one of my hobbies
8) Reduce body weight and diet (hahaha!!!!!!!!!!!! Boleh capai?)

Ok'lah, that's all. Happy New Year 2018 everyone ^_^ Semoga ketemu lagi.

Khungang Haseyo,

Fadima Mooneira

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