My Five Beauty Hacks


I may be not the most beautiful women in the world, but I would like to share my five beauty hacks that I believe are useful. And here are the five beauty hacks.............


I believe a women must be intelligent, intellectual, and charismatic to be beautiful. That's why "smart is the new sexy". However, there are intelligent hacks for us, women to follow to be like Cleopatra. So here are the intelligent hacks................

1) Be up-to-date with general knowledge and issues ( you must read a lot and follow news), 
2) Be interested to learn new skills, knowledge and talent,
3) Read intellectual and literature books -fiction or non-fiction,
4) Love intellectual things besides commercial things,
5) Present yourself well in public - behave and be well manner,
6) Be enthusiastic,
7) Be charismatic,
8) Be knowledgeable,
9) Be competent,
10) Have integrity and your own life principal, and
11) Don't be cheap! (MOST IMPORTANT)


Besides intelligent, I believe a women must also be brave and bold to be beautiful. Brave and bold means confidence, firm, vocal, strong, independent, be able to express yourself well, and be able to stand out in the crowd. I believe a women is the most charismatic when she is brave and bold. However, don't be rude ^_^


As quoted by Audrey Hepburn, "I believe happy girls are the pretties girls". I agree with Audrey Hepburn. A women is the most beautiful when she is happy. That's why a smile ^_^ is the best make up a girl can wear. Every women looks beautiful when she smile with her heart. But to be happy isn't easy as life have ups and downs. However, there are ways to make ourself happy, and this is what I do to make myself happy...........

1)  Get a hobby/have hobbies - hobbies are important for a person. Hobbies keep you occupied. You won't get bored or feel unproductive if you have hobbies. Everyday you'll have exciting things to do. Hobbies also help you polish your skill and help you learn something new. However, you don't need to have an extreme hobby to make your life exciting. Just simple hobby would do. For me, i love blogging, drawing, reading, photography, travel, shopping, fitness workout, and cycling ^_^ These are the hobbies that makes me occupied and happy.

2)  Do recreational activities. Recreational activities makes me happy either indoor or outdoor. I enjoy brisk walking, jogging, and cycling at the park. I also love hiking, jungle tracking, wall climbing, and archery. Recreational activities are fun to do and it put your stress away. 

3)  Driving therapy. Driving is also one of things I enjoy doing. Sometimes I just need to get out of the house and get some air for myself. I just take my car and drive anywhere I want around the town. 

4) Shopping therapy/window shopping. Other than driving therapy, I also do shopping therapy/window shopping. This makes me happy too. But if you are on a budget, I would suggest you not to do window shopping because you might end up shopping and spending money if there is something that really catches your eyes at the mall. Hehehe.

5) Fitness workout. Staying fit is another important thing to make us happy. So kalo stress dgn kejer do make yourself free to hit the gym for some workouts. Fitness workout brings your stress out.

6) Ibadah/solat. Ibadah adalah benda yg paling penting dlm hidup krn ia adalah tiang agama dan merapatkan kita dgn Allah S.W.T.  Ibadah x boleh ditinggalkan if you wanna be happy and nakkan kejer dpt berkat. Selain ibadah fardhu, ibadah sunat juga harus diamalkan such as solat Dhuha, Tahajud, etc.


Segala yg kita ada adalah pinjaman dari Allah S.W.T. So that's why we must be grateful with all the gifts that Allah S.W.T give us and use them well. We must always believe in ourself but also be humble with what we have. Jgn juga riak dan angkuh.


As quoted by Coco Chanel "Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself". I believe the quote is true. A women is the most beautiful when she is herself. All women are gifted with their own beauty and quality from Allah S.W.T. Every women must believe in them selves and be grateful with what they have. Besides believing in our beauty and quality, I also believe that the names our parents gave us have meanings and reflects the person we are now. Sebab tu org2 tua selalu cakap "nama adalah doa ibu bapa kepada anak2". Example, if parents named their daughter "Jamilah" it means the parents are praying for their daughter to grow up and become a beautiful women because Jamilah means beautiful. That's why you must also believe in the name your parents gave you when you were born and not wishing for other names. Ada sebab kenapa parents pilih nama tu. Cuba kaji maksud nama itu. Kekdgn nama yg maksud nyer indah, bunyi nyer x glamour/commercial. Tetapi nama yg bunyi nyer glamour/commercial x empunya maksud yg indah. Insya'Allah you'll be a beautiful person when you believe in yourself and your name. 

Ok'lah, that's all for now. Semoga five beauty hacks saya nie dpt membantu anda semua. May you all find it useful. Remember, every women is gifted with their own beauty and quality. Insya'Allah all of us will be a beautiful women once we believe in Allah S.W.T. 

Bon weekend dearies. Enjoy this long weekend.

Khungang Haseyo,

Fadima Mooneira ^_^

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  1. Your drawings are incredible, you should be selling them!


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